The Air Sniper Difference

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The Air Sniper difference lies in the power of the technology. Four elements define this power, namely intensity, dwell time, CFM and proximity. What is so important about each of these factors in particular? Intensity UVC bulbs create many different wavelengths of light, including light in the visible spectrum. This is the light we see when turning the unit on.


Danielle MorrisonThe Air Sniper Difference

Why We Started It All

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The whole team at Air Sniper is proud of the progress they have made thus far. With every supplemental air sanitization unit they provide for their valued clients, they learn how to improve the process in some way or another. The result is an ever-increasing standard of quality in both their products and their service. Why We Started It All


Danielle MorrisonWhy We Started It All

The Harmful Effects of Ozone

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For many people, it may have been a long time since they heard about ozone. During the 90s and 00s, there were several campaigns aimed at saving the ozone layer, identifying holes in said space and identifying potential solutions for the changes brought on by global climate change. These were important campaigns, but saving the ozone layer does not mean


Danielle MorrisonThe Harmful Effects of Ozone

Air Exchange Requirements of a Commercial Space

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The need for adequate air treatment systems within commercial spaces cannot be over-emphasized. This is a huge capital investment a business should thoroughly think through before choosing a product. The benefits of good air quality in a commercial facility range from ensuring the health and safety of employees, consumers, products, and much more. With so many air purifying brands in


Danielle MorrisonAir Exchange Requirements of a Commercial Space

Air Sniper and How It’s Made with Remo Nutrients

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We had the pleasure of hosting Remo here at our facility to show him the behind the scenes of manufacturing. We are proud to sell equipment that is not only designed and built by us but is all Canadian from the metalwork to firmware. Watch the video and subscribe to Remo’s channel here:

Donovan DeschnerAir Sniper and How It’s Made with Remo Nutrients

Introducing the Air Sniper Low-Pro

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We have been working hard to bring you the Air Sniper Low-Pro. The Low-Pro is designed to protect small spaced from airborne contaminants. The universal mounting allows the Low-Pro to be used in small spaces, hobby growing, and tent growing. Adaptors for the Low Pro are available to connect ducting. Visit our products page to learn more about the Low-Pro!

Donovan DeschnerIntroducing the Air Sniper Low-Pro

Air Sniper Attends Lift & Co Vancouver Show

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The team headed down to Vancouver for some client visits and the first trade show of the year. We loved showing off our new Low Pro (coming soon) and drying rack prototype along with our in-line and stand-alone units. We had a great time discussing your air purification needs and would like to thank everyone who came by!

Donovan DeschnerAir Sniper Attends Lift & Co Vancouver Show

Successful Install in Creston, BC

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Air Sniper has installed multiple Air Sniper Inflow 20/20 and Ultra units throughout to remove powdery mildew, mold, and bacteria from the air within the facility. Air Sniper has been specified for the future expansions of this and other facilities.

Donovan DeschnerSuccessful Install in Creston, BC

airmid Test Results Are In!

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The results from the third party testing on the Air Sniper technology by airmid healthroup have been completed. Their testing shows that the Air Snipers are capable of removing 94.9% to 99.9% of influenza, Staphylococcus and mold from the air within 50 to 65 minutes. Their full reports are available to view online or download as a PDF from our


Donovan Deschnerairmid Test Results Are In!

TECHCA Opens Doors for Business

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Founded on May 4, 2016, Joint-Stock Company TechCa is the proud distributor for Alpine Innovative Research LTD, AIR Sniper in Vietnam and Southeast Asia.

Donovan DeschnerTECHCA Opens Doors for Business

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