The Air Sniper Difference

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The Air Sniper difference lies in the power of the technology. Four elements define this power, namely intensity, dwell time, CFM and proximity. What is so important about each of these factors in particular?


UVC bulbs create many different wavelengths of light, including light in the visible spectrum. This is the light we see when turning the unit on. However, short wave UVC light is the germicidal light and ensuring our bulbs produce enough of these rays is what we consider the “intensity” of the unit.

Dwell Time

Dwell time refers to how long harmful microorganisms reside in the germicidal chamber. If the time is too short, they may pass through without being destroyed. If the time is too long then the system is running inefficiently and not processing as much air as possible.


The cubic feet per minute (CFM) is the volume of air passing through the unit. This measure is intimately tied to the dwell time and must work in harmony with the other factors to ensure the highest amount of pathogen destruction possible.


The proximity of UVC bulbs to one another is integral to a successful supplemental air sanitization unit. If the bulbs are too close together they are not being used effectively, and if they are too far apart, the potential for microorganisms to pass through increases.

Proudly Made in Canada

Every Air Sniper supplemental air sanitization unit is proudly made in Canada. Utilizing the best components available, including the fans and bulbs, these units bring powerful air protection solutions to clients across the country. Air Sniper is proud to employ Canadians and support the country’s economy through quality products that make a positive difference.

How Do We Know What Unit Is Best For You?

No two businesses are alike, and Air Sniper understands the importance of offering customized solutions. They work with their clients to understand the needs of their business, the dimensions of their buildings and the supplemental air sanitization solutions that will work best for them.

Air Sanitization in the Health Industry

One of the best parts of working with UVC air sanitization is the effectiveness of the product. The germicidal radiation behind these devices is the perfect option for dental clinics, doctor’s offices, hospitals, pharmaceutical facilities and other businesses within the healthcare industry. Contact Air Sniper today to discover the best units for the needs of your business.