What is UV Sanitization and How Does It Work? - Air Sniper - Industrial Air Filters - Featured Image

What is UV Sanitization and How Does It Work?

The purpose of air purification is always the same; restrict, remove or destroy harmful particles and microorganisms in the air. However, the methods we use to achieve this goal can vary significantly. Today we will learn about a new method that is showing proven effectiveness. This method is UV sanitization.   What is UV light? UV light is part of

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What is CFM And Why Does It Matter? - Air Sniper - Industrial Air Filters - Featured Image

What is CFM And Why Does It Matter?

According to, cubic feet per minute (CFM) “…is a measure of airflow, often used to describe the capabilities of heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems.” They go on to describe the process of calculating the volume of a room or interior space and then multiplying it by the number of hours the equipment will process the air. The final

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UV versus HEPA - Air Sniper - Air Filters - Featured Image

UV versus HEPA

With COVID-19 becoming a part of everyday life, your business needs the best air filtration options available. For large-scale buildings and small compact offices, the necessity for clean air is becoming a pressing issue. In particular, the need for continuous solutions that maintain efficiency is emerging as a concern among many building managers, industrial shops and municipalities alike. However, not

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The Importance of Airborne Contaminant Protection

The world is changing. There is a greater pressure on businesses to protect both their employees and customers in equal measure. Although there is continual improvement in the areas of sanitization and disinfection, these methods still focus on high-contact surfaces and manual cleaning. However, many people omit thoughts about the air’s cleanliness, and the potential exposure they may face on

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The Harmful Effects of Ozone - Air Sniper - Industrial Air Purifiers - Featured Image

The Harmful Effects of Ozone

For many people, it may have been a long time since they heard about ozone. During the 90s and 00s, there were several campaigns aimed at saving the ozone layer, identifying holes in said space and identifying potential solutions for the changes brought on by global climate change. These were important campaigns, but saving the ozone layer does not mean

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Air Exchange Requirements of a Commercial Space

The need for adequate air treatment systems within commercial spaces cannot be over-emphasized. This is a huge capital investment a business should thoroughly think through before choosing a product. The benefits of good air quality in a commercial facility range from ensuring the health and safety of employees, consumers, products, and much more. With so many air purifying brands in

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Air Sniper and How It’s Made with Remo Nutrients

We had the pleasure of hosting Remo here at our facility to show him the behind the scenes of manufacturing. We are proud to sell equipment that is not only designed and built by us but is all Canadian from the metalwork to firmware. Watch the video and subscribe to Remo’s channel here:

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Air Sniper and Growing Summit Kelowna

We will be at the growing summit in Kelowna March 31 to April 1, 2020 and will be speaking about our equipment during the breakfast event. Get your tickets here:  We look forward to seeing you!

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Air Sniper Augmented Reality

We worked closely with the Nextech AR Solutions team in Toronto to develop a user experience for our Air Sniper Ultra. The Air Sniper augmented reality experience allows clients to view and manipulate the Ultra to better understand the equipment. Download the app here:

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Introducing the Air Sniper Low-Pro

We have been working hard to bring you the Air Sniper Low-Pro. The Low-Pro is designed to protect small spaced from airborne contaminants. The universal mounting allows the Low-Pro to be used in small spaces, hobby growing, and tent growing. Adaptors for the Low Pro are available to connect ducting. Visit our products page to learn more about the Low-Pro!

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Air Sniper Attends Lift & Co Vancouver Show

The team headed down to Vancouver for some client visits and the first trade show of the year. We loved showing off our new Low Pro (coming soon) and drying rack prototype along with our in-line and stand-alone units. We had a great time discussing your air purification needs and would like to thank everyone who came by!

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Ozone: Good or Bad?

We focus on educating our customers to ensure they feel confident in their air purification equipment. Ozone is a popular method for air purification inside facilities with many consumers unaware of the risks associated with ozone. We are proud to offer an effective solution without the use of ozone. Keeping your people and plants safe! Click the link below to

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Air Sniper Attends MjBizCon Las Vegas 2019

We will be back at MjBizCon December 11-13th! Come visit our booth to see what makes Air Sniper equipment different and discuss a solution for your facility. We are all looking forward to another great show and meeting all of you! BOOTH 1746

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Easily Integrate the Air Sniper Solution Into Your Facility

We understand the needs of each facility are unique to the design and process. The Air Sniper solution has been specifically designed to integrate into any application with ease. All Air Sniper equipment is complete with a Plug & Play design to allow easy installation and room for a retrofit. Contact us to discuss a solution for your facility!

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The New Air Sniper Equipment Calculator

Curious to know what equipment is required to effectively clean the air inside your facility? We have developed an equipment calculator to provide customers with an estimate of the recommended stand-alone equipment for your space. Enter the length, width, and height of your space along with how often you would like to clean the air (we suggest every 10 minutes

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