Introducing the

Air Sniper Induct 300W

Innovative Air Sanitization Solutions at Scale.

Air Sniper Induct 300W
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The Air Sniper Difference

Elevate Efficiency and Maximize Savings with Air Sniper

Proven Cost Savings

Proven Cost Savings

A recently completed project with Air Sniper resulted in over $80,115 in annual maintenance savings over 2 years, equating to $40,057 saved annually. With Air Sniper, you will experience typical ROI in less than 2 years, up to 70% in maintenance and installation savings compared to traditional UVC.

Extended Lifespan

Extended Lifespan

Invest in longevity with Air Sniper. Our solutions boast a lifespan of up to 10+ years, surpassing industry standards without the need for annual or bi-annual lamp replacements. The 300CC will extend the lifespan of the HVAC system by keeping the coils clean with no annual coil cleaning costs or maintenance costs.

Enhanced Energy Efficiency

Enhanced Energy Efficiency

The Air Sniper 300W CC series significantly boosts energy efficiency by eliminating buildup on HVAC coils, a common culprit of energy inefficiency.

Air Purification Solutions

Third-Party Tested & Proven

Air Snipers’ reputation for innovative manufacturing, dedication to scientific standards, third-party laboratory testing, and quality assurance certifications is what allows Air Sniper to be a trusted solution for facilities across North America.

Air Sniper Induct 300W​


Air Sniper meets the efficacy and safety requirements outlined in ASHRAE 241.

Air Sniper ensures compliance with ASHRAE standard 241, enhancing your building’s Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) and effectively reducing the risk of disease transmission through aerosols. This alignment not only prioritizes health and safety but also contributes to the overall well-being and satisfaction of the building occupants.

ASHRAE 241 purpose The purpose of this standard sets minimum requirements for controlling infectious aerosols in new, existing, or renovated buildings, focusing on outdoor air and air cleaning system design, installation, commissioning, operation, and maintenance. It specifies the necessary clean airflow to significantly reduce disease transmission risk during infection management mode.

Extended Lifespan, Assurance, and ROI

Ease of Air Sniper Integration

Air Sniper 300W Products

The 300W products can be easily integrated into new or existing facility HVAC designs. Due to the operating temperature of the  300W products (-20°C to +100°C), they can be installed on the return, supply, or makeup air. The Air Sniper 300W products are a quick and cost effective installation, and provides a long-term solution with no maintenance required!

Why Choose Air Sniper


Hassle-Free Installation and Smart Compatibility

Air Sniper 300W products are simple to install in both new and existing HVAC systems, taking less than 20 minutes per unit to install. Air sniper also works with most Environmental Monitoring Systems (EMS) or Building Automation Systems (BAS) for seamless integration.


Unparalleled Efficiency, Unmatched Sustainability

Air Sniper is not just an air quality solution; it’s a commitment to efficiency and sustainability. Introducing our cutting-edge 300W CC, a game-changer in the world of energy-efficient HVAC technology.


Less Waste, No Maintenance

Air Sniper 300W products feature a lifespan of up to 10 years with absolutely zero maintenance. Our systems eliminate the need for annual or bi-annual lamp replacements, producing 90% less waste than other filtration methods and traditional UVC systems.

The Air Sniper Advantage

Longest Lamp Life on Market

Longest Lamp Life
on Market

Highest UVC Production Per Watt

Highest UVC
Per Watt

Magnetic Induction Technology

Magnetic Induction

Designed & Manufactured in Canada

Designed & Manufactured
in Canada


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Our Warranty

All Air Sniper equipment comes with a Three-Year limited warranty on products under normal use.

Our Warranty

We take pride in the quality of our products. In the case of a defective piece of equipment, Alpine Innovative Research Inc. (AIR) offers a limited three-year warranty on all our products (excluding bulbs). In the case of a discovered defect, we will replace or repair the unit.

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