The Air Sniper Difference


Effectively killing airborne pathogens requires high volumes of UV intensity. In Air Sniper units, this intensity comes from multiple UVC bulbs that create a wall of UVC to effectively irradiate contaminants.


Intensity drops by 75% every time distance doubles from the UV light source. To ensure effective levels of irradiation, Air Sniper equipment ensures pathogens are always within close proximity to the UVC bulbs as they pass through the unit into the facility.

Dwell Time

Dwell time is the time a contaminant spends within the proper UVC intensity level. Air Sniper equipment is designed to provide the dwell time required throughout the equipment to kill pathogens.


CFM and Dwell time are directly related to maintaining effectiveness. Increased CFM allows the units to have the industrial capacity. This is balanced with proximity and dwell time to ensure contact with the UVC bulbs.

Air Sniper Solutions

Air Sniper

The difference between your typical air purifier and Air Sniper lies in the power of our technology. By combining elements of intensity, proximity, dwell time, and CFM, Air Sniper has developed a solution that properly applies Ultra Violet Germicidal Irradiation to our UVC technology, and is suitable for industrial-scale applications.

Our Equipment

Our Products are Verified to Sanitize by an Independent Laboratory

Guaranteed to Kill Airborne Pathogens

100% Ozone Free

CSA & UL Approved

100% Made In North America

Designed and
Manufactured in Canada

ISO 9001-2015 certified


Metal manufacturing


Don't Capture Pathogens into a Filter where they can still infect, instead Kill Pathogens with Air Sniper

Capturing and filtering airborne contaminants with standard air purification measures is a temporary solution that eventually releases those contaminants back into the air. To protect the health and safety of your employees and clients, you need a more vigorous response. Every Air Sniper is built to not just filter the air for bacteria, viruses, mould, and more, but to kill those pathogens and reduce the risk and spread of illness. Our UVC air sanitization has been tested and proven for effective irradiation.

Don't Capture Pathogens into a Filter where they can still infect, instead Kill Pathogens with Air Sniper

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Air Sniper has been independently tested to kill: H1N1, Staph Infection, Influenza, Mould, and Currently Having Our COVID-19 Killing Capabilities Proven by and Independent Lab on actual virus.

We back up our air sanitization technology with results. That’s why we contract a third-party testing company to scientifically prove how effectively Air Sniper can kill airborne pathogens. Thanks to airmid healthgroup, we’ve been able to prove Air Sniper’s effectiveness against influenza, mold, staph, and more!


See what people are saying.
Danielle and her team at Air Sniper went above and beyond with respect to service, customer experience, and expert advice. We installed the Low Pro units in all of our massage treatment rooms. The air is clean and fresh and gives our patients peace of mind that our clinic is clean and safe. I have done a great deal of research when it comes to air purification systems and Air Sniper in my opinion is undoubtedly the best!
Dr. David Westmacott
President, Active Sports Therapy Corp.
It’s not often that you encounter a product let alone a company that is based on true customer-first approach. Air Sniper, its staff, and most importantly its world-class products fit that customer-first approach to a tee. From day 1 they have been nothing short of amazing to deal with. I would highly recommend this company and its world-class approach to pathogen control.
Manny Dasilva
Founder Forest Farms Growth Corp.
Why Air Sniper?
1. Air Sniper participated actively and positively in our planning process.
  2. The product is third party tested and validated.
  3. Air Sniper has a 99.9% kill of all airborne pathogens.
  4. Excellent product support.

Battle River Pharmaceuticals Inc. is the only facility that sterilizes all incoming air to the building, and all recirculated air within the grow rooms.
Dr. Hugh Porter
CEO, Battle River Pharmaceuticals Inc.


All Air Sniper equipment comes with a Three-Year limited warranty on products under normal use.
We take pride in the quality of our products. In the case of a defective piece of equipment, Alpine Innovate Research Inc. (AIR) offers a limited three-year warranty on all our products (excluding bulbs). In the case of a discovered defect, we will replace or repair the unit.

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