Cleaning Life's Most Important Element

More than water, food or shelter, air is the most important element in our lives. The average person will take 300 million breaths during their lifetime. So when it isn’t truly clean, it makes a difference. Particularly to those of us with poor respiratory health and allergies. Introducing the Air Sniper, the most technically advanced indoor air treatment system available today. Unlike traditional air cleaners, it doesn’t just trap harmful particles. It destroys them. Making the air safer to breathe for those with respiratory illnesses and allergies—and better to breathe for everyone.
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Clean indoor air has benefits

The Air Sniper makes homes, hospitals, doctors’ offices, clinics, workplaces, child care homes and assisted living facilities more sterile, safer, comfortable places to be.

In your home

By removing airborne health risks from the indoor air it means that your family members, and especially those with respiratory issues like allergies or asthma, will breathe easier and enjoy a higher level of health overall.

The Workplace

Absenteeism costs companies thousands of dollars every year in lost productivity. Putting the Air Sniper in your workplace can improve the health of your employees and reduce the number of sick days.

Child Care

Airborne bacteria and viruses are spread easily in a room full of children. The Air Sniper destroys 99.9% of these airborne contagions as they pass through the unit, which can help to reduce runny noses and doctor visits.

Assisted Living

People with weak immune systems or respiratory disorders are much more susceptible to airborne pathogens that can cause reactions or disease. Protect your loved ones with the cleanest air possible.

Doctor's Office

By nature, a waiting room has an abundance of possible pathogen threats. The Air Sniper can reduce the risk of contracting a “clinic acquired disease” by continuously destroying airborne bacteria and viruses.


Hospitals can be full of serious contagious threats and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from cleaning chemicals. The Air Sniper will destroy both the airborne pathogens and the VOCs that pass through it, to effectively sterilize the air.

The Most Advanced Air Sterilizer

The Air Sniper features three zones of ultraviolet (UV-C) light multiplied using our Photocatalytic Oxidation (PCO) elements to ensure that over 99.9% of viruses, bacteria, pathogens and allergens in the air are completely destroyed. Air and all of its contaminants enter the Air Sniper at a maximum rate of 90 – 250 cubic feet per minute through a pre-filter and then a photocatalytic element prior to entry into the first UVGI chamber. The combination of the pass through the photocatalytic element and the UVGI chamber begins the deactivation of microbes and destruction of VOCs. Passage through the 2 subsequent UVGI chambers, and the 3 subsequent photocatalytic elements, continues this process, to attain a microbe destruction efficiency of 99.9% and significant reductions in VOCs.
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