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Why We
Started It All

Since 2015, Air Sniper has provided a complete air purification solution for businesses across Canada, and continues to develop new flexible options that fulfill industrial-scale needs. Keeping businesses productive means protecting the health and safety of workers and visitors, and the Air Sniper is one of the best tools on the market to do so. While other traditional air purification methods only trap harmful contaminants at best, the Air Sniper is created to destroy those pathogens. Designed and manufactured in Canada, the Air Sniper is constructed to meet scientific specifications for UVC sanitization and is third-party tested against airborne pathogens in industrial capacities. It gives us great pleasure to know that we can have a positive impact in the day-to-day livelihood of businesses.

Our Vision

Our goal is to maintain innovation on the Air Sniper and its air sanitization capabilities in order to provide 24/7 protection from pathogens in industrial and public environments. Within a 75,000 sq ft, ISO 9001 manufacturing facility, we ensure that all products meet quality standards and are fully functional without compromising on our signature design. Air Snipers are built to last, and come in a variety of solutions, including our stand-alone and in-line equipment, with more incredible options to come as we continue reinventing the standards for air purification.

Proudly Made in Canada

The Air Sniper uses advanced technology and components from around the world, but we are proud to design and manufacture our product right here in Canada. Each unit is assembled and tested in our facility near the Rocky Mountains in Calgary, Alberta.

The Facility

The Air Sniper is built in a 75,000 square foot ISO 9001 production facility using state of the art manufacturing equipment. 


A dedicated team of individuals work on the assembly of the Air Sniper equipment by hand.  At the end of the build process, a 3D Automated Optical Inspection is performed. 

Quality Assurance & Testing

The Quality Control Department plays a major role in the build process of the Air Sniper. They ensure that quality standards are being met during each phase of the build. 

The Air Sniper team sets itself apart through our “commitment to manufacturing excellence” and through the level of quality and service we deliver.

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