The Spectrum 800™: Portable Cleaner Air At Your Fingertips

Air Sniper, the leader in UVC driven, supplemental air sanitization systems has a brand new, portable version joining their powerful, customizable product line.

Just like our other models, the Portable Spectrum 800™’s supplemental air sanitization and purification capabilities are nearly perfect at reducing a wide array of airborne pathogens.

Using our tested and proven UVC technology, this small, yet efficient, device provides the most cost-effective, state-of-the-art indoor air protection, per cubic foot of space sanitized every hour.

Plus, the fact that there are no additional installation or calibration costs, our supplementary UVC technology functions at peak performance for a minimum of 10 years.

The Spectrum 800™, Air Sniper’s durable, mobile supplemental air sanitization unit can be “installed” by being plugged into any outlet, moved from room to room with ease – where and when it’s needed most – and controlled by a user-friendly app via Bluetooth connectivity.

The portable Spectrum 800™ brings industrial power and efficiency to all indoor environments, creating wellness through improving air quality. The education, healthcare, and indoor cultivation industries are the sectors we know will benefit most from this revolutionary product.

In those, and all indoor spaces, Air Sniper provides portable peace of mind, most of all.

Indoor Air Quality – Past and Present

Most folks know about the impact outdoor air pollution can have on their health. However, indoor pollution, according to EPA studies, can be two to five times more concentrated, which poses significant and detrimental health risks.

The average person spends approximately 90% of their time indoors, making indoor air pollutants a distinct concern. Besides air recycling and exchanging, and maintaining acceptable temperature and humidity levels indoors, air sanitization and purification completes the necessary trifecta for optimized indoor air quality.

Over the recent years, the EPA’s Science Advisory Board (SAB) has consistently ranked indoor air pollution among the top five environmental risks to public health. Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, the U.S. government and businesses of all types and sizes have made improving their indoor air quality an even higher priority.

Air Sniper creates healthier, cleaner, and safer indoor environments at the most cost-effective price. Our supplementary UVC technology delivers state-of-the-art peace of mind, and our transparent transactions leave you feeling confident and cared for.

We offer you a clear and fair path to optimized indoor air quality. The Spectrum 800™ grants unlimited air purity at a reasonable cost, provided by the most cost-effective and wellness-centered unit on the market today, so you can pass on the confidence, trust, and health to your employees and customers alike.

When it comes to your health and safety, we take a straightforward approach. That’s why the Spectrum 800™ uses revolutionary supplementary UVC technology to have the best sanitizing and clearing rate in Cubic feet per minute (CFM).

CFM refers to the amount of air being circulated and refreshed every hour based on the size of the indoor space. Air Sniper has added adjustable fan settings to ensure the air exchange is in that “sweet spot.” Too much or too little air exchange can cause similar, negative effects.

Just like other Air Sniper models, the Spectrum 800™ has customizable settings to appropriately improve indoor air quality based on each space’s needs.

Air Sniper can help calculate your needs for total space or room by room, prior to delivery, so there will be no “down time” thanks to there being no HVAC installation required – just plug and play.

With all of these features: room to room mobility, multiple fan speed settings, and Bluetooth control from practically anywhere, the Spectrum 800™ gives you the power to bring health and wellness to you and yours, manage its effectiveness, and instill confidence and trust.

The Spectrum 800™ Can Optimize the Air Quality of Any Indoor Space

As the indoor air quality decreases with each person entering the space, which is apart from the pathogens, bacteria, and particulate matter, industries that house the largest amount of people for the longest amount of time in a day are most in need of improved indoor air quality.

As mentioned above, the three primary industries where we feel the Spectrum 800™ is a necessary component to reach that goal are Healthcare, Indoor Cultivation, and Education.

Let’s dive deeper into these business sectors to find out how instrumental improving indoor air quality is in said arenas.


A study from 2019 revealed that, before the pandemic, air pollution caused over 60,000 deaths in the U.S., caused by chronic respiratory disease, cardiovascular disease and other ailments linked to air pollution. A staggering 95% of those deaths were age 50 or older.

As we age, our bodies become less able to withstand the effects of air pollution and airborne pathogens/particulates. Due to this progressive lack of compensation, the physical and mental health of seniors in healthcare settings can be significantly impacted; more so than most.

That, coupled with the fact that some sources of indoor air pollution come from normal, everyday living – cooking, cleaning, personal care product use, and chemical off-gassing from toxic materials in household items – speaks to the sanitization and purification of indoor air as being a necessity.

Not only out of respect and caring for our senior citizens but, to ensure that families are able to make as many memories as possible. By breathing in healthy, pure air, that possibility can easily become a reality.


As a whole, children and young adults can be more susceptible to environmental exposures from poor indoor air quality, due to their developing bodies and minds. Children breathe more air, eat more food and drink more liquid in proportion to their body weight than adults.

Since they spend the majority of their weekdays in school, having great air quality isa major concern. Proper maintenance of indoor air is much more than a “quality” issue; it encompasses safety and stewardship of your investment in students, staff, and facilities.

Nearly 1 in 10 children of school-age has asthma, allergies, or chemical sensitivities, which are the leading cause of absenteeism due to chronic illness. There is substantial evidence that indoor exposure to a slew of allergens, pathogens, and particulates plays a role in triggering symptoms.

And, if students and faculty don’t have any chronic illnesses, poor air quality can still have negative physical and cognitive impacts. The Spectrum 800™ from Air Sniper allows everyone the ability to breathe better and smarter; imparting a proper education to each and every classroom.

Indoor Cultivation

Air quality is one of the most overlooked aspects of indoor growing facilities. Exactly like outdoor environments, the indoor environment plays a big role in how plants and occupants function.

For plants, pathogenic moulds, powdery mildew, and fungi easily infect and spread throughout an indoor grow room via air transmission. Most of these types of pathogens are invisible to the naked eye and, once microbe contact has been made, the elimination process is a difficult one.

Cross-contamination is a huge risk to the health and growth of the plants themselves, as well as the financial stability and growth of the business as an entity. It can occur as early as pre-harvest all the way through to harvest and the finished product, destroying yields and, in turn, profits.

In these spaces, and all indoor business environments, the Spectrum 800™ can work wonders on many levels. An indoor space that contains optimized air is a safe, secure, healthy, productive, and coveted environment. It’s seen as a place where they can’t wait to be, and one they are proud to be a part of, because they feel cared for, protected, and that they are an integral member.

If you, your people, and whatever you’re growing are breathing pure, clean air, wellness, trust, and success will flourish.

In senior living facilities and geriatric areas of hospitals, the Spectrum 800™’s capabilities will result in improved quality of life and life expectancy. Which means more, higher quality time with your loved ones.

In schools, students and staff will have less absences and improved cognition and outlook thanks to the indoor air being sanitized with our science proven supplementary UVC technology. We can create a safe and clean environment for the next generation.

And, in indoor cultivation, the air purity – 99.9% pure – gained from Air Sniper’s portable and durable unit, stimulates quicker genetic development and decreases cross-contamination, leading to stronger, healthier plants and heftier yields.

The Spectrum 800™: What You’re Really Installing is Confidence

We want what you want: the best air safety for you and yours. The Spectrum 800™ from Air Sniper is the best device to help you reach those goals; quickly and affordably.

Air Sniper provides peace of mind for organizations who require clean air environments that meet both wellness and cost-centered certainty. As a result, the Spectrum 800™ is the most cost-effective sanitized air solution available, with zero additional costs for a minimum of 10 years.