The Spectrum 800™ – One Clear and Fair Cost, Unlimited Purity

spectrum 800

There are tons of new technologies that businesses invest in to optimize the productivity, output, and experience of their employees and clients.

From the latest software to regular training and, even, upgrading security systems, business and facility owners will, generally speaking, spend their money on the best product that they can afford.

But, what if employee and customer wellness was the current issue, and you, as the owner, were looking for a strategy to solve it?

Luckily, Air Sniper’s newest model, the Spectrum 800™ is the best solution – for both price and performance. Our portable supplemental air purification unit is the most powerful and cost-effective choice on the market today.

Through its state-of-the-art supplemental air purification capabilities and Air Sniper’s transparent, one-time cost, there are no surprises, installation or maintenance costs (lasting 10+ years before required maintenance) you will never have to choose.

In this post, we will show you how and why the portable Spectrum 800™’s benefits are as wellness centered as they are cost-effective.

Air Sniper’s Spectrum 800™ – Benefits as Impactful Outcomes

In the past, supplemental air sanitization and purification devices were created to be additions to existing HVAC systems and originally designed for large-scale, industrial environments.

Part in parcel with that, came the need to not only have an HVAC system that would support such an accessory, and come up with the funds to make the purchase, but to account for additional fees – transport, installation, operation training – and hiring an expert to optimize functionality, maintain, and/or repair your systems.

The efficacy of those non-portable devices was sound, but the costs were compounding and ongoing.

That’s where and how the Spectrum 800™ changes the game. It’s a stand-alone, mobile unit that operates completely apart from the HVAC system; converting versatility to anytime, anywhere protection and wellness within your indoor spaces.

Also, the Air Sniper transaction process leaves nothing to chance. There is a one-time cost for the Spectrum 800™ unit, the most cost-effective air sanitizer based on CFM cleaning and circulating rates and array of pathogen elimination.

These factors, including those discussed in the opener, mean a much lesser hit to a business’ budget. With no hidden fees, subsequent expenses, or the need for specialized maintenance, the Spectrum 800™ can be customized and controlled via a Bluetooth connected remote and supporting app.

More importantly, are the health and wellness improvements from reducing airborne pathogens in indoor air with our revolutionary, UVC driven unit.

There’s no debate. Having a physically and mentally well and happy owner, work force, and client base is an invaluable commodity. To be able to achieve that state for your business through the implementation of a single device, is also quite a thing to note.

And that’s exactly what the Spectrum 800™ can do for your, and any, business and all who occupy those indoor spaces. You can count on our technology. But evern better, you can count on our honesty.

Let’s expound on the effects of the incredible health and wellness benefits through real life outcomes.

By purchasing the Spectrum 800™ from Air Sniper, you are saying as much as the unit is doing. The unit’s supplementary UVC technology can safely and effectively reduce airborne pathogens, particulates, allergens, and virus strains – including COVID-19. Its Bluetooth remote controlling, mobility, and customization breeds confidence and creates a level, optimized playing field for all occupants.

Moreover, what you are saying to your people is that you care enough about their physical and mental health, the health and efficiency of the facility, and that you are willing to bring forth those improvements at any cost.

In turn, you and yours, thanks to the extra level of safety, protection, and care, will create an environment that they can’t wait to be in – day in and day out. Their happiness, due to removing the worry and stress surrounding poor indoor air quality, will be replaced by workers that are more productive, healthier, dedicated, and – let’s not forget – happier.

Coming full circle, our fair and upfront pricing model leads to a seamless and easy transaction which leads to the usage of a “no downtime”, supplemental air purification device that starts improving the air quality from moment one.

That leads to an optimized staff and customer base, which fosters the creation of the very best version of your product or service, because the producers are physically and mentally functioning at their very best.

Investing, Developing, and Government Initiatives

For business owners, investors, and developers there is another benefit layer that’s being reinforced by U.S. and world governments via initiatives and incentive programs.

In the investment world, ESG (environmental, social, and governance) is currently a prominent topic, which will likely be even more important in the future. In this case, it basically translates to healthy buildings and facilities being more valuable than regular ones.

Clean air is a direct indicator of a healthy building – and a key factor of ESG – and it’s rapidly becoming a key criteria for investors when evaluating potential opportunities.

For developers, whether you’re planning for a new development or are considering upgrading an existing structure, a clean air strategy with the Spectrum 800™ can help increase the value of your endeavor and attract more and better investors and business owners.

In March of 2022, the Biden administration announced the Clean Air in Buildings Challenge, an initiative created as part of the National COVID-19 Preparedness Plan. This plan is meant to improve ventilation of indoor environments and reduce the spread of COVID-19 within buildings.

The Clean Air in Buildings Challenge initiative encourages all building owners and operators, schools, colleges, and universities, and organizations to adopt pivotal strategies to improve indoor air quality in their buildings and reduce the spread of COVID-19, as well as all other airborne viruses, pathogens and particulates.

One key initiative highlights providing schools and businesses with guidelines and resources to improve ventilation, filtration and, in turn, air quality. Along with the guidance provided, building operators and business owners can obtain funds through the American Rescue Plan and the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law to supplement the cost of such investments.

Even when the COVID-19 pandemic has ended, cleaner indoor air will continue to be more important than ever.

And that’s why Air Sniper is the company that it is, and why we created the Spectrum 800™. To allow all compassionate and forward thinking building and business owners to stay ahead of the curve and be some of the first to get on board with initiatives like the above discussed one.

The Spectrum 800™ creates safer environments at the most cost-effective price. Our science proven supplementary UVC technology delivers state-of-the-art peace of mind, and our transparent transactions leave you feeling confident and cared for.

With no installation costs, systems to integrate with, and no maintenance for at least 10 years, the cost to own an Air Sniper product is extremely low.

You can count on our technology. But, even better, you can count on our honesty. And, when you have others that count on you, and look to you for trust and protection, it’s a great feeling when a company provides the opportunity to perpetuate those feelings.

We Don’t Like Surprises. That Includes Cost.

We believe in transparency across the board. That means clean air, healthier communities, and honest prices.

Air Sniper provides peace of mind for organizations who require clean air environments that meet both wellness and cost-centered certainty. As a result, the Spectrum 800™ is the most cost-effective sanitized air solution available, with zero additional costs for a minimum of 10 years.