Air Sniper Presents: The Revolutionary Portable Spectrum 800™

Air Sniper Spectrum 800
Air Sniper is proud to introduce our newest innovation: The Portable Spectrum 800™.

This small, yet powerful, stand-alone unit boasts all of the capabilities and benefits provided by the original Air Sniper system – now in a portable device.

Air Sniper creates healthier, cleaner and safer environments at the most cost-effective price. Our supplementary UVC technology delivers state-of-the-art peace of mind, and our transparent transactions leave you feeling confident and cared for.

No matter the size, scale, or type of business, we’ll show you how and why the Spectrum 800™ is the best supplementary air sanitization product on the market today.

When it comes to your health and safety, we take a straightforward approach. Because when people breathe cleaner, they feel better.

Science proven sanitization and a fair cost without hidden fees; complete confidence and peace of mind.

How it Works

We know the science can be confusing. Let us show you how it works.

The impact of our products, including our newest – The Spectrum 800™ – are based on the unwavering brand pillars that drive every action we take. These are: wellness through tested and proven UVC technology, transparent, low cost ownership with “no surprises”, and confidence you’ve made the right choice for your people.

Revolutionary supplementary UVC technology

Under strict laboratory testing conditions, our supplementary UVC technology consistently and effectively reduces airborne pathogens. Unlike most other air sanitization units, the Spectrum 800™ breaks the mould on many fronts.

Instead of merely capturing and housing airborne pathogens in a filter, like so many competing systems, our supplementary UVC technology reduces viruses, bacteria, moulds, and many other noxious agents outright.

The unit is streamlined, strong, and silent when in use. There are no upfront installation costs, no maintenance or replacement fees for at least 10 years, and the Spectrum 800™ has the fastest air sanitization per cubic foot which means your people are safer, faster.
You can count on our technology. But even better, you can count on our honesty. And honestly, we know lives can be changed by improving air quality.

Transparent Purchase, Usage, and Maintenance

We provide industrial performance, in a portable device, to businesses and building owners of all types and sizes. The Spectrum 800™ is one clear and fair cost and delivers unlimited air purity.   

The Spectrum 800™ doesn’t need to be integrated into your existing HVAC system, eliminating the costly upfront investment in installation fees.

Our supplementary UVC technology is like no other air sanitization solution because it is plug-and-play, right out of the box, with no additional installation or operating costs. Simply locate any normal outlet, in any room, plug the Spectrum 800™ in, turn it on and you’re done.  

There’s no disruption of work spaces or work flows thanks to the portable, mobile, stand-alone air sanitization unit. Plus, thanks to the durable construction, revolutionary technology, and guaranteed, 10+ years of operation without maintenance, it will be the single best purchase you’ve ever made for your business. 

Our unit’s portability uses versatility to create confidence in your business and peace of mind for those working within. The Spectrum 800™ can be easily moved into rooms or areas that need sanitized air the most, i.e. industrial sections, basement level spaces, classrooms, indoor cultivation environments, etc.

Furthermore, the Spectrum 800™ sports Bluetooth connectivity and a supporting app, which also firsts in the air sanitization sector. All controlling and monitoring can be done remotely by you, the owner, or other designated employees. 

This ensures consistent, across-the-board physical, mental, and emotional wellness, fosters trust and confidence in our product and, in turn, your company, and reduces liability and risk to the livelihood of you and yours.

We don’t like surprises. That includes costs

Look at it this way: How much would you pay to be the steward of health, safety, and trust for your workforce and clients? 

Thanks to the clear and reasonable price of the Spectrum 800™, it’s an expense every business can easily afford. 

Companies in the education, indoor cultivation, and senior health and housing sectors are ones we feel can benefit the most from clean, pure, indoor air.

Respect and care for our seniors – health and wellness for growers and their products – purity and protection for students, teachers, and staff. 

That’s what we all want and what is most important. And it’s exactly what the Spectrum 800™ provides for those environments, especially, and all other indoor spaces. 

Our technology has been third-party tested and proven. 

Our “always on”, stand-alone unit is versatile and the most efficient. 

Our pricing and transaction process is fair and transparent. 

And there are no extra costs for installation.

Air Sniper is your clean air solution expert. Therefore, what you’re truly installing is confidence. 

Confidence in each healthy breath will allow for more time with loved ones; creating more memories. 

That each pure inhalation will create better wellness and more success.

And, confidence that breathing smart and safely will improve the physical and mental health of teachers and students, equally.   

We want the same thing as you: the best air safety for you and your people. We’re glad our technology guarantees safe and healthy indoor air quality, and we’re proud to put your worries to rest.

Better science means better health for you and those counting on you.

We believe in transparency. That means clean air and honest prices. 

Air Sniper provides peace of mind for organizations who require clean air environments that meet both wellness and cost-centered certainty. As a result, the Spectrum 800™ is the most cost-effective sanitized air solution available, with zero additional costs for a minimum of 10 years.