How Does Air Sniper Provide a Supplementary Air Sanitization Solution?

Complete Air Sanitization Solution

When you want a supplementary air sanitization product, there is nowhere better to turn to than Air Sniper. Armed with amazing designs, quality components and impressive UVC technology, this company’s products are truly something else. But, what is it about their large range of in-line and stand-alone products that makes them this way?

What Makes Air Sniper a Supplementary Air Sanitization Solution

CFM & Dwell Time

Two of the main factors in supplementary air sanitization equipment are CFM and dwell time. The first factor, CFM, measures the capacity of your fan to move air through the system. The second factor, dwell time, measures how long a given microorganism spends in the system. These factors are complementary to one another, meaning that they must be perfectly balanced to allow the supplementary  air sanitization product enough time to destroy harmful bacteria but not so much that they are inefficient at treating an entire space and maintaining a consistent airflow. With Air Sniper, this functionality comes as standard practice.

Intensity & Proximity

A similar relationship to that of CFM and dwell time are the other two important facts of supplementary air sanitizing equipment, namely intensity and proximity. The intensity of the system refers to the UVC bulb’s output of UVC light. The more intense, the greater the germicidal properties of the system. Proximity, on the other hand, is the distance between each UVC bulb. Bulbs must be placed close enough together that they do not allow microorganisms to pass by without being subjected to ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI). 

These factors must also be balanced against one another. If your supplementary air sanitization equipment has high intensity, but not enough bulbs, it will be ineffective. Similarly, if the system has many bulbs but weak intensity, it will not function adequately. Therefore, the right amount of bulbs at an appropriate intensity must be designed from the outset.

Quality Components

Using high-quality equipment ensures an optimal experience for users, and the supplementary air sanitizing industry is no exception. Superb construction, simple yet effective design, durable and long-lasting internal components, and UVC-producing bulbs that don’t produce ozone are just a few examples of how Air Sniper has taken this idea to heart. 

Dedicated Customer Service

The people at Air Sniper are passionate about helping businesses keep their employees and customers safe with effective supplementary air sanitization solutions. This shows through in their dedicated customer service, which helps people understand their options and choose the right equipment for their large or small business.