The Air Sniper Dashboard

The Air Sniper Dashboard

The only thing better than powerful supplementary air sanitization is a powerful tool for tracking and controlling it. The Air Sniper provides the former, and its dashboard provides the latter. Together, the equipment and monitoring of this system are enough to give you access, control and ease of handling and managing your air quality. 

Today, you can learn about the dashboard view, what features are available and how you can access information about your fleet of devices from a desktop or on the go. Let’s get started.

The Air Sniper Dashboard & You

Dashboard View

When you first access the dashboard the dashboard view is what you’ll see. This includes a robust set of information, including the devices in your fleet, their current CFM and bulb replacement dates, and any active alerts that require your attention. Basically, it’s a quick glance at all your Air Sniper products and features without having to get bogged down in the details. Though, if you want to learn more, the list of incredible features below is sure to scintillate.

Dashboard Features

Depending on your needs, including the time of day and accessibility of a work area, you may not want your Air Sniper products working at full capacity. Instead, setting schedules to adjust the fan speed will help you cut costs and extend the life of your equipment. You can adjust all units or just the most important ones, depending on your unique situation.

You can also determine the maintenance needs of your Air Snipers with a robust set of dashboard features. This includes the particulate filter that comes with our products and the remaining bulb life. With built-in maintenance records, keeping track of replacements and cleanings is a breeze. You can even order replacements! Everything you need, all in one convenient location. 

Mobility & Accessibility

The large array of features and functions available on the Air Sniper Dashboard make it the ideal companion to powerful supplementary air sanitization equipment. But, with a mobile app and desktop functionality working together, a whole other level of upgraded functionality is unlocked. Remote monitoring and control of your units allow you to make adjustments on the fly with no delay. Everything that you can do on a desktop is available on your phone, giving you the freedom to choose how you interact. 

All told, the Air Sniper Dashboard is a great addition to a great product. For businesses both large and small, Air Sniper provides quality products built to last and assembled in Canada. They provide custom solutions and advice, so contact them today to see which product is right for you!