Maintenance Required on Air Sniper Units

Maintaining Air Sniper Units

Air Sniper is a company that has clearly put a lot of thought into the supplementary air sanitization units they produce. They are well-designed, optimized for efficiency and effectiveness, and easy to maintain. Indeed, on the last count, there are only two items that require regular care and attention. 

These are, of course, the particulate filter and the UVC bulbs. Cleaning and replacing these leads to a longer lifespan and higher effectiveness of the units overall. Below, we look at each of these objects and how to properly maintain them. Let’s get started. 

Maintenance Required on Air Sniper Units

Filter Cleaning

The particulate filter placed at the inlet of your supplementary air sanitization unit is an important step in the cleansing process. It captures any large bacteria and airborne contamination in place, letting the smaller stuff through so that it can be supplementarily sanitized by powerful UVC radiation. However, like all particulate filters, this one will eventually need some regular maintenance.

Air Sniper has designed their product with you in mind, as you will not have to replace this filter. Instead, filters have to be rinsed with hot water and dried with compressed air.

Bulb Replacement

Over time, UVC-producing bulbs will lose some of their effectiveness. Replacing them on a schedule is a relatively simple procedure and the supplementary air sanitization units are designed for easy access. When you replace your UVC bulbs regularly, you help ensure that the very best results from your equipment are possible, consistent and expected.

Contact Air Sniper for Everything Else

Sometimes, you will have maintenance requests that are unexpected in the regular operation of your supplementary air sanitizing units. These include things like physical damage. In these situations, the best way to ensure your equipment has not been compromised is by contacting Air Sniper directly, as their qualified and knowledgeable professionals can assess the situation and give you effective, personalized advice.  

Make the Process Easier with the Air Sniper Dashboard

All parts of your supplementary air sanitization unit maintenance can be monitored and controlled through the Air Sniper Dashboard. This software allows you to monitor the time until your next filter cleaning or bulb replacement, track the dates and times when they were last maintained, and even order replacement bulbs. Plus, it offers loads of other great features as well, like setting automatic fan speed adjustments. Learn more about the Air Sniper Dashboard by contacting the team today.