Why We Started It All

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The whole team at Air Sniper is proud of the progress they have made thus far. With every supplemental air sanitization unit they provide for their valued clients, they learn how to improve the process in some way or another. The result is an ever-increasing standard of quality in both their products and their service.

Why We Started It All

This drive to excel within the UVC air filtration industry has helped them distinguish themselves. It has also shown them the way to a superior product by defining the best characteristics of their supplemental air sanitization units. With dwell time, proximity, CFM and intensity as their main focus, it is easy to provide real value for all their clients.

Indeed, for the last six years, Air Sniper has been providing these robust air purification solutions to commercial and industrial businesses across Canada. Their desire for innovation has given them the privilege of continued innovation and growth, and they couldn’t be more excited to continue on this path in the future.

Third-Party Tested & Proven Against the SARS-CoV-2 MS2 Virus

One of the best indications of Air Sniper’s dedication to continuous improvement is their willingness to put their supplemental air sanitization units through rigorous third-party testing. The most recent tests pitted their equipment against the SARS-CoV-2 MS2 virus. The result? Impressive destruction of the virus, leading to a steep decrease in the concentration of these harmful microorganisms. See the full report here.

Introducing the Air Sniper Hybrid

Air Sniper’s innovation goes far beyond testing their products, however. It also extends to reworking, examining and tinkering with their existing units to improve their efficiency and usefulness. Through this process, the Air Sniper Hybrid was born. Combining the very best of both their standalone and in-line units, the Air Sniper Hybrid is the perfect solution for businesses where the standalone units were not large enough but existing HVAC infrastructure prevented the use of in-line units.

Available in three sizes and sporting the same sleek, simple and powerful design the brand is known for, Air Sniper Hybrid units are quickly becoming one of their most popular choices.

The Power of UVC Air Sanitization Compared to Other Methods

For anyone hearing about UVC air sanitization for the first time, there is some level of skepticism. This is a natural response if a bit misguided. The reality is that light can be used not only as a powerful filtration and sanitization solution but even as a germicidal disinfectant. At least, in the right application. There is more to the technology than you might expect.