How Air Sniper Integrates Into Your Facility

Air Sniper Integration

Air Sniper provides supplemental air sanitization units that are made to seamlessly integrate into new and existing facilities across various industries. They do this by two main integrations: stand-alone and in-line units. Each of these provides significant benefits to users, but the methods vary slightly.


Stand-alone units are available in various sizes and are incredibly user-friendly. Most come with WiFi-enabled technology, making it easy to wirelessly monitor your unit. Setting them up is as simple as removing the packaging, using the innovative plug-and-play technology to power the unit, and setting the fan at your preferred speed. It’s really that simple!

Stand-alone units truly bring the four essential features of supplemental air sanitization to the table in a convenient package, namely CFM, proximity, intensity and dwell time. Simply increasing these factors to the maximum is not an effective solution, which is why Air Sniper carefully balances them to achieve amazing results. 


Much like the stand-alone units, Air Sniper’s in-line units come in a variety of sizes to suit the needs of a diverse range of businesses. They are great for cultivation operations in particular, as they produce no ozone. These units are built for compatibility with existing HVAC systems, making them the perfect choice for existing buildings.

The in-line units that Air Sniper produces are proven to destroy harmful airborne pathogens and microorganisms. Independent testing has shown that they can remove up to 99% of these dangers (lab reports available on the test results page). Leveraging UVC technology is becoming more common with each passing day, and with results like these, it isn’t hard to imagine why. 

Which Supplementary Air Sanitization Unit is Right for You?

If you are unsure what unit is best for you, there are several ways to decide. The best way is to contact the friendly and knowledgeable staff at Air Sniper, who can provide additional information, quote details and more. 

You can also examine your existing air purification infrastructure and facility dimensions, and consider the needs of your facility. Contrast this with the capabilities of stand-alone units, like the 7,500 cubic feet of coverage boasted by the Air Sniper Ultra. This method will allow you to get a general estimate of your supplemental air sanitization needs.

Once you have a rough estimate of your needs, contact Air Sniper for a quote. This way, you can clarify any questions you have and get the help of air sanitization professionals. They can also help facilitate bulk purchases of Air Sniper units for schools, hospitals and more!