Air Sanitization and Recreational Facilities

air sniper in recreational facility

Air Sniper equipment can be beneficial throughout the entire facility, but specifically in areas where social distancing and masks can be difficult. Air Sniper offers a variety of solutions such as hybrid units for large gymnasiums or swimming areas, Inline units can be used to clean re-circulating air throughout the facility, and the stand-alone units can be installed where contact may be closer, such as front desk areas, areas with small children who are unable to wear masks, and even changing rooms. By installing air purification equipment throughout the facility, members can feel safe using the space and prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Although recreational facilities have been hit hard during the COVID-19 pandemic, there is hope for the future. As vaccine rollouts progress across the West and Europe, many people are looking to a future that is post-restriction. This is great news for gym and recreational facility owners.

Though, the transition back to normalcy will certainly see some things stay behind. For example, high-traffic surface cleaning is unlikely to fade into the background now that so many understand the inherent problems with letting many people touch the same surface repeatedly. Similarly, our recreation facilities may see themselves forced to maintain a reduced capacity. 

But, recreational facilities like gyms, indoor pools, community centres, rock-climbing gyms and trampoline facilities will eventually return to full operation. As they will have to contend with consistent changes and new adaptations, it may be worth considering getting ahead of the game.

How Can Recreational Facilities Prepare to Reopen Their Doors?

One of the best ways for recreational facilities to ready themselves to open their doors is through a consideration of the future. As we mentioned, some cleanliness practices are not likely to change after the pandemic, so it is a good idea to consider the future and how best to incorporate these new standards rather than rallying against them.

Another way to prepare for the future is by considering what makes a facility unsafe for use. Heavy breathing, which is so often a part of exercise and recreation, can’t really change. But, the conditions that allow the potentially hazardous breath to stay in the same place, untreated, certainly can.

The Relationship Between Supplemental Air Sanitization and Recreational Facilities

Supplemental air sanitization units are a great way for recreational facilities to plan for the future and reduce the risk to their employees and patrons. These units are installed in existing systems or as standalone units and feature a new form of air filtration technology. UVC air sanitization relies on shortwave germicidal light to destroy airborne pathogens and harmful microorganisms. 

It might seem like something pulled from the latest sci-fi novel, but using shortwave light as a germicidal solution is proven to be effective. In fact, independent lab testing results indicate that UVC light may be as effective or more effective than traditional air filters.

Learn More About Supplemental Air Sanitization Today

As this technology becomes more widely accepted and understood by the public, it is likely going to see a huge increase in demand. After all, the units are convenient and easy to install, making them a great choice for recreational facilities and other public spaces. Contact Air Sniper today to get your quote and start breathing better!