Air Snipers and Building Ventilation

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While every business should focus on making its flagship product the best possible version of itself, it can present many challenges. The research, design, testing, competitor research and other necessary steps can make it a serious undertaking. For some businesses, this can mean putting improvements on hold until more funds are available.


For Air Sniper, the problem itself is doubled. While many businesses, like dentists, restaurants and retail stores, can use smaller stand-alone units, they are not the ideal situation for everyone. The smaller size and compact design are ideal for intimate spaces that require the best in supplemental air sanitization, but when it comes to larger spaces, a different option is necessary.


As a result, Air Sniper has a second line of products that addresses these larger operations. From food processing facilities, warehouses and welding shops to grocery stores, community centres and schools, the inline units are a better choice. But why do so many large facilities use inline options?


Why Large Facilities Use Inline Units

Well, for starters, they are capable of cycling air at a much more rapid pace. Using the existing infrastructure allows a supplemental air sanitization unit to fit in the ideal location and instantly provide better air quality and protection. While the standalone units have some of the quietest industrial fans on the market, they cannot hope to achieve the same CFM as a purpose-built system.


Next, inline units are as convenient as standalone options, in terms of installation. They work best at the end of the filtration cycle on inlet air and installation is a breeze. Air Sniper designs their units with user experience in mind, so things like wireless monitoring are built-in from the get-go.


These are just two great reasons for large-scale businesses to use Air Sniper’s inline units. However, the reality is that a more balanced approach may be necessary.


How to Balance the Capabilities of Your Supplementary Air Sanitization Equipment

Recommending inline units for your facility is easy to do, but what if there are smaller or more compact spaces within the building? In these situations, a combination of inline and standalone units might be the best solution. After all, while protecting the main air supply is necessary, it is also important to have protection from contagious people inside the facility.


Does Air Sniper Continue to Innovate?

As we mentioned at the beginning of the article, keeping flagship products relevant and useful can be difficult for any business. Air Sniper’s combination of passion, hard work and dedication from their team members ensures all clients are getting the best possible options and ideas in their supplemental air sanitization units. To learn more about Air Sniper continues to innovate, what products are right for your business or anything else, contact them today!