Retail Applications and Air Sniper

Retail Applications and Air Sniper - Air Sniper - Industrial Air Purifier - Featured Image

There are many applications for Air Sniper products in retail spaces, as we will detail below. Air Sniper products are capable of delivering effective supplementary air sanitization results based on scientific testing and evidence. This is the perfect option for restaurants, clothing outlets and much more.


Air Sniper utilizes UVC technology to destroy the DNA of living organisms and bacteria. Test results for both Staphylococcus epidermidis and Influenza A show 99.9% removal. There are several other testing examples that demonstrate similar results, showing how effective these supplemental air sanitization solutions are for removing harmful bacteria from the air.


For clothing store owners, having this kind of protection is essential. In small spaces with significant foot traffic, there are many benefits to having powerful supplemental air sanitization on your side, both for customers and employees alike. However, the benefits are significant for a variety of retail applications.


Convenience stores and gas stations can also benefit from Air Sniper’s diverse product line. The units are designed with high CFM fans to clean and circulate the air before contaminants settle. When it comes to delivering efficient supplementary air sanitization, Air Sniper continues to be a leading choice.


Supermarkets and grocery stores can also benefit from the Air Sniper product line. Although these facilities are larger than many retail businesses, Air Sniper provides solutions that can filter and clean up to 5,000 CFM. This means that employees and customers can remain safe from viruses and bacteria without issue!


With so many businesses negatively affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, more business has come to those who are still standing. In these customer-facing positions, with increased traffic, having the proven results of Air Sniper can bring comfort and protection to the retail business.


There are other positive results that can come from using Air Sniper products in retail businesses. For example, the opportunity to benefit from the superior proximity of the UVC bulbs. When multiple bulbs are placed close together, their individual effects are increased and UVC sanitization solutions become even more powerful.


These positive effects can be helpful for all types of retail establishments, from tattoo parlours to restaurants. With great customer service, customized solutions and easy bulb replacement, Air Sniper remains a leading choice for any business looking to improve its air quality.


If you would like to start benefiting from the retail solutions that Air Sniper provides, please contact them by email or phone. With a team of friendly and knowledgeable professionals, Air Sniper can provide advice on the best units for your business, as well as information on bulb replacement times and other relevant concerns. Don’t wait to start breathing easier!