How Air Sniper Destroys Airborne Pathogens

How Air Sniper Destroys COVID-19 - Air Sniper - Industrial Air Purifier - Featured Image

Though vaccines for the 2020 pandemic are now rolling out to some countries, the risk of COVID-19 is still quite high. Indeed, we are still in what is likely to be considered “the early months” of the sharp trend upward that many places will see over the next several months. Understanding the long-term consequences of this virus will take years of data and analysis.


As a result, it is essential to fight against the COVID-19 pandemic with all the tools at our disposal. Society has made good efforts with handwashing, masking, social distancing and cleaning routines. But on the air quality side, there is still room to improve.


This is where the Air Sniper product line comes in. With our UVC bulbs, our units can obliterate and destroy small microorganisms and bacteria with 99.9% effectiveness. How do our units meet that high standard?


Primarily, it is the UVC bulbs and the optimal design of the units. With the right placement of the bulbs, it is possible to maximize the individual effectiveness of each of them. There are several ways to measure these results, including dwell time and intensity.


Dwell Time

Dwell time refers to the length of time particles are exposed to the UVGI rays. There must be a fine balance between exposing the particles for long enough to kill harmful bacteria and circulating the air in your commercial building. Air Sniper units achieve excellent results.



The intensity of the UVC light is essential to fighting airborne pathogens. UVC bulbs produce light in several parts of the light spectrum, but only those considered “shortwave” are capable of providing germicidal protection. The more of these rays there are in a space, the greater the intensity. Optimal bulb placement and high wattage are the keys to our successful solutions.


While design and technology are important, actually testing the results of those efforts is also necessary.


The Air Sniper has recently undergone third-party lab testing of our units for effectiveness against airborne pathogens. The promising results are below:

  • 15 min achieved approximately 90% reduction
  • 30 min achieved approximately 99% reduction
  • 60 min achieved greater than 99.9% reduction


Click here for the full report.


As it is plain to see, Air Sniper is capable of SARS-CoV-2 MS2 destruction with a long enough exposure window. These results should make it clear what industries and companies need to invest in when it comes to ensuring the highest air quality for their employees, visitors and clients.


To learn more about why the Air Sniper unit is right for the needs of any business, contact us today!