Air Sniper Begins airmid Third Party Chamber Testing

Many allergens, including pet dander and dust mite allergens, are prone to become airborne. Air Sniper sterilizers are part of a multi-faceted approach to allergen reduction. In order for an air sterilizer to earn certification, strict standards for appropriate levels must be met when:

  • Reducing pathogens from the air;
  • Monitoring VOC levels after use to ensure reduction results in removal, not just redistribution;
  • Monitoring ozone levels to ensure they remain within the Code of Federal Regulations Guidelines.

airmid healthgroup tested (or is currently testing):

  • Aspergillus Niger (mold)
  • Influenza A (virus)
  • Toluene (VOC)
  • Staphylococcus Epidermidis (Bacteria)

The full comprehensive report is scheduled to arrive in 2017.

UPDATE (March 1, 2017): The results from airmid are in and can be viewed online or as a PDF on our Test Results page.