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spectrum 800

The Spectrum 800™ – One Clear and Fair Cost, Unlimited Purity

There are tons of new technologies that businesses invest in to optimize the productivity, output, and experience of their employees and clients. From the latest software to regular training and, even, upgrading security systems, business and facility owners will, generally speaking, spend their money on the best product that they can afford. But, what if employee and customer wellness was

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The Spectrum 800™: Portable Cleaner Air At Your Fingertips

Air Sniper, the leader in UVC driven, supplemental air sanitization systems has a brand new, portable version joining their powerful, customizable product line. Just like our other models, the Portable Spectrum 800™’s supplemental air sanitization and purification capabilities are nearly perfect at reducing a wide array of airborne pathogens. Using our tested and proven UVC technology, this small, yet efficient,

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Air Sniper Spectrum 800

Air Sniper Presents: The Revolutionary Portable Spectrum 800™

Air Sniper is proud to introduce our newest innovation: The Portable Spectrum 800™. This small, yet powerful, stand-alone unit boasts all of the capabilities and benefits provided by the original Air Sniper system – now in a portable device. Air Sniper creates healthier, cleaner and safer environments at the most cost-effective price. Our supplementary UVC technology delivers state-of-the-art peace of

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UVGI Air Sanitization

When was UGVI First Used for Air Purification?

While there have been many different ways of using supplemental air purification in the past, none of them have combined all of the great features that are present in the Air Sniper line of products, like proximity, dwell time, intensity and CFM. Still, rather than looking at what the current industry looks like, we will instead go back and see

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