industrial air sanitization

What are ASHRAE Position Documents

What Are ASHRAE Position Documents & Why Are They Important?

Among the many interesting facets of study and governance within the air purification industry, there are some organizations that are working to further the use and application of supplementary UVC air sanitization technology. This includes the legally named American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE).  ASHRAE advocates for the continuous research and development of technologies related to their

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Air Sniper Air Sanitization

Are Air Sanitization and Air Purification the Same Thing?

When interpreting the English language, there are, perhaps unsurprisingly, many interpretations. Words that sound the same or seem to mean the same thing often get swapped out and used interchangeably, regardless of how close their definitions and meanings actually match the context of their use.  One such example of this is the difference between supplemental air sanitization, purification, and filtration.

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Air Sniper Integration

How Air Sniper Integrates Into Your Facility

Air Sniper provides supplemental air sanitization units that are made to seamlessly integrate into new and existing facilities across various industries. They do this by two main integrations: stand-alone and in-line units. Each of these provides significant benefits to users, but the methods vary slightly. Stand-alone Stand-alone units are available in various sizes and are incredibly user-friendly. Most come with

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