Are Air Sanitization and Air Purification the Same Thing?

Air Sniper Air Sanitization

When interpreting the English language, there are, perhaps unsurprisingly, many interpretations. Words that sound the same or seem to mean the same thing often get swapped out and used interchangeably, regardless of how close their definitions and meanings actually match the context of their use. 

One such example of this is the difference between supplemental air sanitization, purification, and filtration. Three similar-sounding names that seem to indicate different things, but are they really so different? Let’s investigate.

What is Air Sanitization?

Of the three, air sanitization is the most likely to stand a chance of differentiating itself. This is because sanitization, from the Latin sanitas (meaning health), actually indicates a specific level of cleanliness. The surface or area must be sanitized afterward. Air Sniper equipment does just that, rendering microorganisms and pathogens inert through a perfect mix of CFM and Dwell Time. 

What is Air Purification?

The word purify traces its etymological roots back to Latin as well. The original word, purus, means pure. For something to be pure, it must not be mixed with other substances or materials. As air is always a composite of many different gases, purifying it seems a tall order indeed. Air purification systems typically include filters and fans, but not necessarily UVC sanitization. This doesn’t mean that UVC can’t be an air purifier, however.

What is Air Filtration? 

Air filtration seems the most self-evident of the three, for filter traces its origins back to the Latin filtrum, meaning felt used as a filter. This seems like a clear indication of the type of system at play here, such as HEPA filter systems. 

Are Air Sanitization and Air Purification the Same?

As you can see, each of these phrases comes from a distinct root and with a distinct purpose. For that reason, it seems best to remove air filtration from the discussion. Still, when differentiating health and purity, it is a much harder decision. 

Indeed, the words are so similar that separating them seems unnecessary. Instead, it is best to look at supplemental air sanitization and air purification systems from the same perspective. In this way, a higher standard can prevail and the safety of your business can be better secured. 

Air Sniper provides supplementary air sanitization and purification systems that have proven results from independent, third-party testing results. To learn more about their products and which ones are right for your facility, request a quote from their helpful and kind staff today!