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Commercial Buildings Need Commercial Sanitization Solutions

Commercial buildings are a large category of real estate. They include the spaces where business and commerce occur, but they also encapsulate large public spaces like malls, airports, and more. Though it is hard to think of all the different kinds of commercial buildings, it is not nearly so difficult to think of something they all have in common. What

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air sniper in recreational facility

Air Sanitization and Recreational Facilities

Air Sniper equipment can be beneficial throughout the entire facility, but specifically in areas where social distancing and masks can be difficult. Air Sniper offers a variety of solutions such as hybrid units for large gymnasiums or swimming areas, Inline units can be used to clean re-circulating air throughout the facility, and the stand-alone units can be installed where contact

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What is CFM And Why Does It Matter

What is CFM And Why Does It Matter?

What is CFM in air purifiers and HVAC systems? According to, cubic feet per minute (CFM) “…is a measure of airflow, often used to describe the capabilities of heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems.” They go on to describe the process of calculating the volume of a room or interior space and then multiplying it by the number of

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