What is CFM And Why Does It Matter?

What is CFM And Why Does It Matter

What is CFM in air purifiers and HVAC systems?

According to whatiscfm.com, cubic feet per minute (CFM) “…is a measure of airflow, often used to describe the capabilities of heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems.” They go on to describe the process of calculating the volume of a room or interior space and then multiplying it by the number of hours the equipment will process the air. The final step involves dividing the total multiplied sum by 60 minutes, which will give you the resulting measurement of cubic feet per minute.

Interestingly, this information is backed by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, who simplify the term as “ft3/min” and equate it to 0.028 317 cubic metre. Now we have the answer to “what’s CFM?” But, we are no closer to having an answer for “why it matters.” Still, it is important to establish the basis for our discussion nonetheless.

Why CFM is Important

The reason that CFM is important is that it measures the total airflow through a system, such as an air purifier or an air sanitization machine. More commonly, air compressors use this measurement to show the pressurization of their inlet volume. Put simply, the higher the CFM, the more air moves through the system. This results in more “cleaned” air and less equipment to clean it. At least, when the system is designed from a holistic perspective.

For large-scale manufacturing facilities, or warehouses and hospitals, there is a lot of air to move. Additionally, it must change quickly so that stale spots don’t develop, and personnel are not exposed for extended periods of time. This means that there must be effective solutions put in place.

How We Do CFM Differently

For Air Sniper, we design and implement our systems in conjunction with the needs of our client’s facility. For large spaces, like warehouses and manufacturing facilities, we can provide heavy-duty equipment that effectively sanitizes huge volumes of air. Take a look at how our units compare below:

  • Air Sniper Low Pro 60 – 120 CFM
  • Air Sniper Pro 70 – 130 CFM
  • Air Sniper Elite 130 – 300 CFM
  • Air Sniper Ultra 300 – 750 CFM
  • Air Sniper Inflow 10/20 max 1500 CFM
  • Air Sniper Inflow 20/20 max 2500 CFM
  • Air Sniper Inflow 16/36 max 5000 CFM
  • Air Sniper Inflow 36/36 max 10000 CFM

However, just being able to move large volumes isn’t always enough. We believe that customization is also important, which is why we offer up to four different fan speeds.

Ultimately, there is no better solution for air sanitization. To learn more about our products, consider reading our article on UV’s effectiveness versus HEPA.