Air Purification in Schools

The Importance of Air Purification in Schools

When it comes to Air Sniper solutions, the applications are endless. From high schools to universities and private to public schools, Air Sniper offers robust supplementary air sanitization solutions that are suitable for a diverse range of requirements. And those are just within the genre of “educational institutions!” So, how can supplemental air sanitization equipment be deployed in these facilities?

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Air Sniper Helps Keep Dental Office Running

How Air Snipers Help Keep Your Dental Office Running

You can find Air Sniper units in a wide range of applications because the technology is robust and adaptable. From retail buildings, hospitals and doctors’ offices to manufacturing facilities, malls and dental clinics, there is always somewhere new to apply the principles of good design and robust supplemental air sanitization that define this company. Today, we look at how supplemental

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Air sanitization in hospital

How Air Snipers Can Help Keep Your Hospitals Running

When it comes to protecting your air sources, proper supplemental air sanitization is a necessity. Nowhere is this statement more true than medical centres, like walk-in clinics and hospitals. The right protection can keep these facilities safe from airborne diseases and harmful microorganisms.   But, what is the right protection? Are particulate filters enough protection in today’s world, even when other

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Air Sniper Effective in Malls

Are Air Snipers Effective in Malls?

There are many locations where Air Snipers can be found. The utility of these supplementary air sanitization solutions is easy to see in many applications, from hospitals and schools to cultivation facilities and dental clinics. But, there is still one question that remains about the effectiveness of Air Sniper equipment. Are they effective in malls?   What Makes Air Sniper

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Air Sniper Air Sanitization

Are Air Sanitization and Air Purification the Same Thing?

When interpreting the English language, there are, perhaps unsurprisingly, many interpretations. Words that sound the same or seem to mean the same thing often get swapped out and used interchangeably, regardless of how close their definitions and meanings actually match the context of their use.  One such example of this is the difference between supplemental air sanitization, purification, and filtration.

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UVC lights in schools

Air Sanitization in Schools

Schools have a duty to keep students and staff safe within their buildings, and the recent pandemic has proven that that includes their health. Sanitization measures have become a common procedure, and by installing supplementary air sanitization equipment inside of schools, schools can provide an additional level of protection against airborne viruses.  Air Sniper offers a solution that is safe

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Air Sniper Integration

How Air Sniper Integrates Into Your Facility

Air Sniper provides supplemental air sanitization units that are made to seamlessly integrate into new and existing facilities across various industries. They do this by two main integrations: stand-alone and in-line units. Each of these provides significant benefits to users, but the methods vary slightly. Stand-alone Stand-alone units are available in various sizes and are incredibly user-friendly. Most come with

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Air Sniper in Commercial Building

Commercial Buildings Need Commercial Sanitization Solutions

Commercial buildings are a large category of real estate. They include the spaces where business and commerce occur, but they also encapsulate large public spaces like malls, airports and more. Though it is hard to think of all the different kinds of commercial buildings, it is not nearly so difficult to think of something they all have in common.  What

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Air Sniper in Cannabis Cultivation Facility

Air Sanitization in the Cannabis Industry

Cultivation facilities are required to meet specific requirements across the board. From constant testing to cleanliness procedures. Ensuring the product meets the requirements is critical to the success of the crops. Cultivation facilities are at risk of airborne contaminants that can cause crop loss such as powdery mildew and aspergillus. With legalization across Canada and in many American states, the

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air sniper in recreational facility

Air Sanitization and Recreational Facilities

Air Sniper equipment can be beneficial throughout the entire facility, but specifically in areas where social distancing and masks can be difficult. Air Sniper offers a variety of solutions such as hybrid units for large gymnasiums or swimming areas, Inline units can be used to clean re-circulating air throughout the facility, and the stand-alone units can be installed where contact

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Air Sanitization in Schools - Air Sniper - Industrial Air Purifier - Air Purifiers

The Air Sniper Difference

The Air Sniper difference lies in the power of the technology. Four elements define this power, namely intensity, dwell time, CFM and proximity. What is so important about each of these factors in particular? Intensity UVC bulbs create many different wavelengths of light, including light in the visible spectrum. This is the light we see when turning the unit on.

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Air Sanitization: Capturing vs. Destroying - Air Sniper - Industrial Air Purifiers - Featured Image

Air Sanitization: Capturing vs. Destroying

Several options exist when it comes to air sanitization, however, they are not all made equal. Many of us are familiar with the HEPA standard, which lays out the acceptance criteria for manufacturers of air filters. Others may be familiar with UVC sanitization, which is a different form of air purification and filtration. Let’s compare each method.   HEPA Filters

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Can Air Snipers Help You Follow OSHA Guidelines? - Air Sniper - Industrial Air Purifiers - Featured Image

Why We Started It All

The whole team at Air Sniper is proud of the progress they have made thus far. With every supplemental air sanitization unit they provide for their valued clients, they learn how to improve the process in some way or another. The result is an ever-increasing standard of quality in both their products and their service. Why We Started It All

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The Germicidal Properties of UVC - Air Sniper - Industrial Air Purifiers - Featured Image

The Germicidal Properties of UVC

There is a lot of talk about what “clean” really means. For some, cleaning might just be sweeping the piles of dust under the rug before their in-laws arrive. For others, it might be a full-tilt bonanza of cleaning solutions and activities once a day, week or month. Still, when it comes to keeping some spaces clean, defining the standards

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Air Sniper & Anden Are Teaming Up - Air Sniper - Industrial Air Purifiers - Featured Image

Air Sniper & Anden Are Teaming Up

What do you get when you combine the leaders in the supplemental air sanitization industry with the leaders in the commercial dehumidification industry? You get Air Sniper and Anden working together to deliver a superior product that provides amazing value for the cultivation industry.   Who is Air Sniper? Known for delivering a sleek, powerful and effective series of products,

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