Where Are Our In-line Units Most Effective?

Where Are Our In-line Units Most Effective? - Air Sniper - Industrial Air Purifiers - Featured Image

Our in-line units are effective for a wide variety of locations in retail, commercial and industrial spaces. We provide long-lasting solutions that effectively destroy microorganisms and bacteria that could cause illness in humans. While this is true of all Air Sniper products, inline units differentiate themselves in a few key ways.


So, what makes the inline units different? Perhaps the biggest difference between standalone and inline units is the ability to integrate them into the existing air sanitization infrastructure. That’s right, for businesses with existing HVAC equipment, Air Sniper’s inline units can easily integrate with little disruption or reworking. This functionality makes them a great choice for companies with existing HVAC infrastructure.


In many ways, the Air Sniper inline units are just like adding another level of powerful protection to your existing system. Consider what happens when adding a HEPA-style filter. These can be beneficial for cleaning the air and reducing the potential of contagion spread. Yet, the same is also true of UVC supplemental sanitization units. The additional filtration coexists with the existing infrastructure to make a uniquely powerful cleaning solution.


So what businesses does Air Sniper recommend its in-line units for? Well, for starters, hospitals are a great choice. Hospitals already have air filtration systems in place, of course. Still, in the times of this ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, are they as effective at removing contaminants as UVC supplemental air sanitization units?


Large warehouses are also a great place for Air Sniper inline in-line units. The large size of these facilities is not a concern for units with powerful CFM and dwell time capabilities. Indeed, the applications for Air Sniper in-line units are quite vast, as the only requirement to install them is an existing HVAC system.


Moreover, Air Sniper products are ideal for hard-to-reach or inconvenient access locations. With wifi-equipped units, it is easy to see how well the units are doing and if they require bulb replacement. Users can also adjust the fan speed settings on these units to ensure the right level of supplemental air sanitization is occurring.


In-line units are designed to be as easy to install as possible. Rather than a bunch of expensive electrical connections, Air Snipers use an innovative “plug-and-play” system of installation. This makes it a breeze for users wishing for a simple way to improve their air quality.


If you are considering an Air Sniper unit, be sure to contact their friendly and knowledgeable staff beforehand. They have the expertise and resources necessary to help you choose the best unit for your situation and can provide pricing and other relevant information. For inline supplementary air sanitization units that provide long-lasting defence against harmful microbes and bacteria, trust the Air Sniper team!