Keeping Your Business and Customers Safe During a Pandemic

Keeping Your Business and Customers Safe During a Pandemic - Air Sniper - Industrial Air Purifiers - Featured Image

If 2020 has taught us anything, it is that the requirements of businesses must meet the expectations of customer and government demands. We have seen this in many areas of the world and with many different pandemic restrictions. For example, mandatory masking, maintaining a supply of hand sanitizer for client use and regular cleaning schedules.


These added restrictions can pose significant problems for small and medium-sized buildings, but they are necessary to reduce the spread of harmful microorganisms. Depending on your jurisdiction, there may even be more stringent measures necessary, such as reduced hours or building capacity limitations.


While all of these restrictions carry their own weight, in terms of efficacy and importance, there may yet be an area that many are currently overlooking. For commercial and industrial businesses, it is possible that several are overlooking an obvious source of spread and danger in their workplaces.


Of course, we are referring to the air quality inside the building. Most commercial and industrial facilities have air exchange equipment already. Still, conventional systems may no longer be adequate controls for fighting airborne pathogens. Guaranteeing the safety of your business and its workers may require new and innovative solutions.


These include the installation of air sanitization units. Unlike conventional filtration systems that rely on random-fibre matting to trap and hold bacteria, air sanitization relies on a different principle; UVC irradiation. Using UVC light to destroy harmful bacteria has many benefits for all businesses, which we will look at below.


Firstly, high-quality UVC air sanitization equipment is easy to use. It can be installed as a stand-alone system or as an in-line unit for existing HVAC systems. With a simple plug-and-play system, these devices are perfect for restaurants and manufacturing facilities alike. Plus, they are easy to maintain. There are few moving parts, and replacing bulbs is a breeze.


While the technical considerations of these devices are essential, they do not speak to the ability of them as protectors for businesses and customers. Thankfully, they meet and exceed expectations in this area, as well. Third party lab testing has shown that, after an hour of exposure to the UVC bulbs in our Air Snipers, SARS-CoV-2 MS2 concentrations are reduced by over 99.9%. Additional third party lab testing has proven the technology effective for eliminating other harmful microorganisms as well, such as mold, influenza and more.


Furthermore, these devices can be built to handle spaces both large and small. They are effective for protecting those who must work closely with outside visitors, such as dental clinics and mechanics. They are also effective for pathogen destruction in large warehouses, industrial facilities and commercial workspaces.


With all of these clear advantages, there may only be one question remaining; where to find a supplier of UVC light air sanitization equipment? Air Sniper is a proudly Canadian supplier of these units. To order yours, or get more information, contact us today.