Introducing The Air Sniper Hybrid

Introducing The Air Sniper Hybrid - Air Sniper - Industrial Air Purifier - Featured Image

The Air Sniper team is very excited to announce the newest addition to the Air Sniper suite of products: the Air Sniper Hybrid! These units were designed for facilities that needed heavier protection from contaminants in areas where the standalone stand-alone units were not large enough. And the in-line units may not be suitable due to the HVAC design.Where we would ordinarily use in-line units, HVAC design, access and other issues become irrelevant with the new units.


But, to truly understand how much innovation comes with the new Air Sniper Hybrid units, it is essential to take a look at their various new features and returning product quality guidelines.


What’s New with the Air Sniper Hybrid?

Air Sniper sought to bring the best of the Air Sniper standalone and the Air Sniper in-line units together in one powerful supplemental air sanitizing solution. They have more than achieved that goal with the Air Sniper Hybrid.


These new units are capable of being ceiling-mounted for continuous circulation of the air and removal of harmful microorganisms and viruses. They house internal fans that help circulate the air and ensure that the powerful UVC bulbs can destroy many dangerous airborne contaminants.


Unit Sizes

The Air Sniper Hybrid comes in multiple sizes, just like the in-line and standalone units.



With great style and functionality, the 10/24 Air Sniper Hybrid unit is capable of supplementary sanitizing up to 1,500 CFM.



The mid-range Air Sniper Hybrid is the 20/20. It delivers another level of powerful protection and can operate at 2,500 CFM.



The largest of the Air Sniper Hybrid line is the 16/36. This is our most effective unit within the series and is capable of protection at a rate of 5,000 CFM.


What’s the Same with the Air Sniper Hybrid?

Luckily, all of this innovation from the Air Sniper team has not removed the technology that makes their equipment great. Users can still expect fantastic dwell time, effective bulb proximity, long-lasting UVC intensity and exceptional CFM. These hallmarks of the Air Sniper brand ensure clients know that they are working with the best in the UVC supplemental air sanitization industry, regardless of unit type.


Plus, new and returning clients interested in the Air Sniper Hybrid will be pleased to hear that the excellent service and friendly staff Air Sniper is known for are not going anywhere. They will continue to be available to answer questions about products, bulb replacements and testing standards.


So, for anyone looking to access the best Air Sniper has to offer, now is the time to act. With the new Air Sniper Hybrid, tricky and hard-to-reach HVAC systems are no longer a barrier to effective and long-lasting supplemental air sanitization.