How Do We Know What Unit is Best for You?

How Do We Know What Unit is Best for You? - Air Sniper - Industrial Air Purifiers - Featured Image

Choice is the spice of life. This is a well-established thought that many in our modern society tend to agree with. Large companies take full advantage of diversification by offering variations on their flagship products. Our unlimited selection provides us many benefits.


For example, we can choose more affordable options when it comes to consumer goods. A lower-quality pasta sauce may taste a little salty, but saving the extra couple of bucks means that you may get to splurge somewhere else. Similarly, higher quality goods can offer better ingredients at a premium price. But choice is not just limited to pricing freedom.


It can also be an effective tool in industrial and commercial operations. Choosing equipment that balances budget with function and labour capacity is a key driver of success for manufacturing facilities. Similarly,  the rate of expansion for small and medium-sized businesses is also a choice, to some extent. Supply and demand will play a role in expansion as well, but choice is still a major driver.


So, how does Air Sniper know what unit is best for you? It’s simple really. They look at all your choices and offer suggestions that can meet your needs. For existing infrastructure, this might mean in-line units. For new builds, however, a suite of standalone units might be a better choice. Or, our new hybrid units might be the perfect option for certain users.


Below, we look at each of our three units in more detail to help you understand why we might suggest a certain option for your needs.


In-line Units

In-line units are the perfect accompaniment to existing supplemental air sanitization hardware or new HVAC designs. The units are well-designed and easy to install. They come in various intensities that give an even greater level of personalization and selection. Plus, they are wifi-enabled for remote monitoring and control.


Stand-alone Units

When you need supplemental air sanitization solutions that work to destroy microorganisms and harmful bacteria, look no further than Air Sniper standalone stand-alone units. This sleek and powerful UVC supplemental air sanitization equipment can cover up to 7,500 cubic feet with a single unit. However, just like the in-line units, there are several options to choose from.


Hybrid Units

The hybrid units are the ideal solution for very large structures, including warehouses and processing facilities. They bring the best of both standalone and in-line units together. With ceiling-mounting  capabilities, these are the ideal unit for large industrial and commercial spaces.


Air Sniper provides this large selection of units to proudly offer variety and choice to their clients. To learn more about UVC technology, what separates them from the competition or how they prove the effectiveness of their equipment, consider visiting Air Sniper’s website. They have in-depth information about both products and services.


Or, if you would prefer to hear about the technical specifications or learn more about pricing, contact them by phone or email today. Their friendly and professional staff are ready to help you find the Air Sniper unit that is best for your needs.