UVC Technology Vs. Electrostatic Needlepoint

UVC Technology Vs. Electrostatic Needlepoint

UVC technology is quickly becoming a popular choice for businesses looking to improve their air quality. As supplemental air sanitization is an effective and powerful technology, this comes as little surprise. Still, it is not the only type of air purification system, as particulate filters and electrostatic needlepoint technology can attest to. 

Today, the air sanitization technology of UVC light is compared to electrostatic needlepoint. They are both effective technologies, but is one more effective than the other? Find out below. 

What is UVC Technology?

UVC technology harnesses the power of Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation (UVGI). This process deactivates the DNA and RNA proteins in living organisms, rendering very small microorganisms and bacteria completely inert. Most UVGI equipment produces UV light at a wavelength of 253.7 nanometers, which is ideal as it does not produce harmful ozone as a by-product.

What is Electrostatic Needlepoint Technology?

Electrostatic needlepoint technology also goes by the name bipolar ionization. The technology releases ions into the airstream, which are then dispersed into the air and naturally seek out other airborne particles. Once enough of these particles are bonded together, they become large enough to be captured and filtered out, eliminating whatever harmful bacteria they have bonded to.

What Are the Advantages of UVC Technology?

UVC technology has several benefits over electrostatic needlepoint. Perhaps the most compelling advantage is the technology’s ability to kill 99.9% of harmful contaminants (lab reports available on the test results page), as can be seen in the independent testing results completed with Air Sniper equipment. The technology is also approved by ASHRAE and is frequently used in ISO-8 certified cleanrooms, which require a high standard of air cleanliness, per the requirements of the ISO 14644-1:2015 standard.

What Are the Advantages of Electrostatic Needlepoint Technology? 

Compared to the infrequent replacement of bulbs typical of UVC technology, the first benefit for electrostatic needlepoint seems less than optimal, but many find the technology cost-effective compared to traditional options. This mainly has to do with the frequency of replacing the equipment’s filters compared to particulate filters of similar efficiency.

Which Technology Should You Choose?

Air Sniper produces fantastic supplemental air sanitization equipment that is long-lasting, durable and easy to use. The infrequent changing of the bulbs is easily managed through the accompanying Wi-Fi-enabled remote monitoring and control system. These reasons and the many advantages discussed above make UVGI the right recommendation for any business, from small retail establishments to large warehouses or manufacturing facilities.