254 Nanometers and UVC

254 Nanometers and UVC

When it comes to the protection of indoor spaces from harmful airborne contaminants, there are few better options available than UVC light sanitization. This method of air sanitization is long-lasting, powerful and can boast proven results backed by years of research and development of the technology. As a result, the applications for UVC sanitization continue to grow with each passing day. From air sanitization devices to lab research and cleaning, there are more uses than ever.

Still, one of the aspects of this technology that is particularly fascinating is the relationship it has to the wavelength of light that the lamps emit. To explain further, each UV bulb emits a range of light waves, including those at a length of 254 nanometers (nm). This particular length is believed to be the appropriate length for germicidal irradiation by experts within the community. 


The Importance of 254 Nanometer Wavelengths

And for good reason, of course. This wavelength is the one most likely to be responsible for deactivating the deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) and ribonucleic acid (RNA) of harmful airborne contaminants, like staphylococcus epidermidis and influenza A. This process is the main reason behind the effectiveness of most commercial UVC sanitization equipment.

Additionally, this wavelength has been proven not to produce ozone, which is a harmful gas that can cause damage to the environment and our respiratory systems. Many of the original UVC bulbs suffered because they produced ozone during operation, making them less commercially viable than their non-ozone-producing counterparts.

Since the 254 nm wavelength is the most effective for the germicidal cleaning process, it is important to optimize UVC lamps to produce as much light of this length as possible. To do this, lamps and bulbs with proven effectiveness must be chosen to optimize the systems they inhabit, as is the case with some commercial air sanitization manufacturers. 


Choose Effective Air Sanitization Equipment  

It is important to choose supplemental air sanitization equipment with proven results. Part of this means choosing equipment that reliably produces UVC light at 254 nanometers. Another part of the equation is choosing equipment that is long-lasting, durable and of sturdy construction. 

Air Sniper products meet these criteria and have proven results, as evidenced by the independent laboratory testing their supplemental air sanitization equipment has undergone. To learn more about how these products can work for businesses of any size, contact their team of professionals today for a consultation or additional product information.