The Power of UVC in Other Applications

UVC lightbulb

Although air sanitization is one area where UVC can be used, it is far from the only place. This technology is used in a wide range of applications across a variety of industries, including child care, office cleaning and many more. Seeing how UV light is put to use in different cleaning environments can help demonstrate its efficacy in unique and varied circumstances. Continue reading below for more information on the many interesting and different uses of this technology.

UVC Technology Outside of Air Sanitization

Sterilizing Baby Supplies

Some products are marketed towards parents looking for a powerful solution to cleaning and sanitizing their baby supplies: pacifiers, bottles, toys and anything small enough to fit in this UVC device. The most effective products must be optimized for intensity, like the Air Sniper Low Pro line.

Cleaning Office Equipment

Other options for UVC sterilization equipment include a line of handheld devices. The capabilities of such devices are likely very limited, but positive reviews for these products are not uncommon. Using the right number of lamps, or what is commonly referred to as proximity, can have a better sanitization effect overall. 

Sanitizing Spaces with Robots

Another example of a technology that is effective for cleaning surfaces is this robotic UVC lamp system. Spinning in a full circle allows this device to affect its immediate surroundings with powerful UVC sanitization, which could be very effective in cleaning surfaces on a nightly basis. Still, full-time operations would require a more discreet solution. 

Handrail Sanitizer

A popular escalator manufacturer, KONE, offers a UVC upgrade for their equipment. This device sits above the handrail, providing supplementary sanitization for users throughout the day. The bulb they use is rated for nearly 20,000 hours of continuous use, rivaling many of Air Sniper’s products

As you can see, many of these systems are effective in a niche part of the supplemental sanitization process. Some only affect surfaces while others are only usable when no one is around. Still, some of the options can only affect a small area, like the inside of a box. For an all-around solution that provides UVC supplemental air sanitization to all the spaces around you, turn to Air Sniper.

Air Sniper supplemental air sanitization products can connect with existing HVAC systems, and they are available as stand-alone equipment too. These powerful devices provide UVC supplemental sanitization to spaces of every size, and with a large selection of products, there are many options to choose from. Contact Air Sniper today and start breathing easier.