The Importance of Air Purification in Schools

Air Purification in Schools

When it comes to Air Sniper solutions, the applications are endless. From high schools to universities and private to public schools, Air Sniper offers robust supplementary air sanitization solutions that are suitable for a diverse range of requirements. And those are just within the genre of “educational institutions!”

So, how can supplemental air sanitization equipment be deployed in these facilities? Here are some of the ways that Air Snipers can be used in educational institutions. 

Stand-Alone Units in Classrooms

Our stand-alone units are ideal for classrooms. On lower fan speeds, they are relatively unintrusive. Certain models are capable of 7500 cubic feet of powerful supplementary air sanitization coverage. They also do not produce ozone, which can be a concern with lower-quality bulbs. They are also remote-operated, making status checks and fan speed changes simple maneuvers. Additionally, the dashboard system will enable faculty to set a schedule allowing the unit to run at certain fan speeds during the day, allowing teachers to work with their students at lower, less noticeable fan speeds.

In-Line Units for Buildings

For larger-scale operations, our in-line units can adapt to new and existing HVAC systems with ease. These devices are Wi-Fi enabled, making it easy to track bulb replacement and maintenance schedules. Plus, the sleek and elegant design of the device doesn’t hurt the appeal by any means.

Hybrid Units for Large Spaces

Schools include larger spaces such as gymnasiums, cafeterias, foyers, or auditoriums. Such spaces contain a correspondingly large volume of air and human traffic, and therefore increase the risk of exposure to airborne contaminants. The hybrid unit combines the versatility and power of our stand-alone and in-line units to supplementarily sanitize the air from where it is mounted into the ceiling. It is also included in the Air Sniper dashboard system, allowing for remote control and maintenance.

The Complete Solution for Campuses

When you oversee multiple buildings in a single location, it may mean deploying several supplemental air sanitization systems. These could include both in-line and stand-alone equipment, as the size and demands of the facilities required. Air Sniper works with clients to fulfill orders for these systems based on their needs and the capabilities of their systems.

Why Air Sniper is the Right Choice for Educational Facilities

Air Sniper products are third-party tested with proven results against a variety of dangerous bacteria. This alone should be enough reason to choose their products, but it is far from the only factor that separates these supplemental air sanitization devices from the pack. 

They also optimize the reflectivity inside the devices for maximum UVC usage. Air Sniper products also optimize intensity and proximity, so that the equipment is as effective and efficient as possible. The result? Robust, long-lasting technology that is low-maintenance and maximum impact. 

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With so many potential uses, it’s easy to see why Air Sniper is becoming a popular choice for school boards of various sizes. And, the future is only looking better. Plus, with the ability to request a quote and get in-depth information from the company, it pays to open the conversation and see what’s possible. Contact Air Sniper today for a quote for your facility.