Are Air Snipers Effective in Malls?

Air Sniper Effective in Malls

There are many locations where Air Snipers can be found. The utility of these supplementary air sanitization solutions is easy to see in many applications, from hospitals and schools to cultivation facilities and dental clinics. But, there is still one question that remains about the effectiveness of Air Sniper equipment. Are they effective in malls?


What Makes Air Sniper Effective?

To understand what would make Air Sniper effective in a mall, establishing what makes these supplemental air sanitization technologies effective in the first place is an imperative action. One of the most compelling components of the system is the UV bulbs, which emit UVC light. On the light spectrum, these rays are very small, shortwave light, which irradiates living material. 

This is the central function of these devices. The effectiveness of UVC sanitation can be seen here, in these independent testing results. Still, just using the right technology is only part of the equation. It is also important to optimize this supplemental air sanitization equipment to the following parameters:


The cubic feet per minute (CFM) of the supplemental air sanitization equipment indicates the volume of air that can be affected. However, it is not enough to simply push large volumes of air through the equipment at once. In order to ensure that the air is thoroughly sanitized, other factors must be taken into consideration as well, such as dwell time, intensity, and proximity.

Dwell Time

Dwell time opposes CFM, as it is a measure of the time any particle of air spends inside the supplemental air sanitization unit. The UVC light needs time to destroy airborne microorganisms, meaning that the dwell time must be long enough to achieve total eradication. 


Intensity can be looked at, broadly, as the amount of UVC waves in a particular space. Not all emitted light is UVC (otherwise we wouldn’t be able to see when the bulbs were on or off), making it essential to balance volume with efficiency. 


Much like CFM and Dwell Time, proximity and intensity play opposing roles. As proximity is the closeness of individual bulbs, it directly affects the intensity and is a significant factor in adjusting it. 

When properly applied, these parameters can make all the difference to your supplemental air sanitization system, as Air Sniper already knows. With the effectiveness established, one question deserves asking.


Can That Effectiveness Be Applied in a Mall?

Absolutely. Air Sniper technology is right at home in malls, as they can be custom-fitted to facilities of any size. The ease of adding powerful supplementary air sanitization to malls begins with a simple phone call. Speaking with the friendly, professional and knowledgeable staff at Air Sniper allows you to gain further insight into the right solutions for your facility.