Air Sanitization in the Cannabis Industry

Air Sniper in Cannabis Cultivation Facility

Cultivation facilities are required to meet specific requirements across the board. From constant testing to cleanliness procedures. Ensuring the product meets the requirements is critical to the success of the crops. Cultivation facilities are at risk of airborne contaminants that can cause crop loss such as powdery mildew and aspergillus.

With legalization across Canada and in many American states, the industry is seeing not only a huge boom in consumers but also a significant increase in licensed producers. This popularity is great for the industry as a whole, but it also benefits the research and development of best practices, especially concerning environmental controls.

Cultivators already know that keeping a sanitary and clean work area can help reduce the chance of pests and problems with their plants. Regular cleaning of work implements, in-depth inspections and pot replacements are all good ways to prevent losing a crop. So, at least the physical, seen aspect of the process is getting the recognition and attention it needs.

But what about what can’t be seen? What about the air quality in a typical cultivation facility? Of course, controlling the humidity is essential. Filtering the air, however, is discussed much less frequently. This is strange, given how many small, minute problems can come from poor quality air filters.

Get the Best Air Quality for Your Cultivation Facility

Supplemental air sanitization units that leverage UVC technology are becoming more widespread all the time, and this growth is due, in part, to the technology’s ability to destroy harmful bacteria and microorganisms. 

Using shortwave ultraviolet (UV) light, these units create a hostile environment that irradiates living material, rendering its molecular structure inert. They are available in many sizes to suit larger areas and can attach to existing HVAC systems or as standalone improvements. Plus, the technology that powers them has undergone third-party testing to prove its effectiveness against many harmful airborne particles.

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