Air Sniper & Anden Are Teaming Up

Air Sniper & Anden Are Teaming Up - Air Sniper - Industrial Air Purifiers - Featured Image

What do you get when you combine the leaders in the supplemental air sanitization industry with the leaders in the commercial dehumidification industry? You get Air Sniper and Anden working together to deliver a superior product that provides amazing value for the cultivation industry.


Who is Air Sniper?

Known for delivering a sleek, powerful and effective series of products, Air Sniper specializes in UVC supplemental air sanitization units. These combine the crucial components of dwell time, proximity, intensity and CFM for their customers to deliver amazing destruction of harmful, airborne pathogens.


Their product line features both in-line and standalone units, which means that new builds and established air filtration systems can benefit from the addition of one of these quality products. Perfect for applications ranging from retail, restaurant and commercial spaces to hospitals, dental clinics, doctor’s offices and community centres, Air Sniper is quickly becoming the go-to choice for supplemental air sanitization.


Who is Anden?

Known for pulling gallons of water straight out of thin air, Anden is the cultivation industry’s solution to moisture control. The necessity of keeping cultivation rooms at optimal humidity cannot be overstated, and the dehumidification units that Anden builds are the perfect solution.


In particular, the A320V1 comes with a laundry list of impressive benefits. Clients can choose their mounting methods from three options, including inlet and outlet ducted, freestanding and suspended models. And, things like remote controls, safety checks and easy filter installation and replacement come standard with every unit.


Capable of removing up to 3 litres per kilowatt-hour, their units are designed for ultimate efficiency. Plus, they offer upgradable control systems, putting them at the front of their class for operational control and maximum effectiveness. Perfect for cultivation operations of all sizes, Anden is a powerful force for better dehumidification.


What Does Their Cooperation Look Like?

Air Sniper and Anden have combined the best of both their worlds in the AS320. Air Sniper built their supplemental air sanitization unit to seamlessly integrate with Anden’s ever-popular 320 series dehumidifier. This incredibly powerful combination gives growers and cultivators an all-in-one solution to their most common airborne problems.


Where Can You Access the AS320?

The AS320 is available through Air Sniper’s website. For everyone looking for better dehumidification and supplemental air sanitization solutions, this is the perfect opportunity to get in on a promising product that has the potential to reshape and shake up multiple industries. To learn more about pricing, availability, applicability and for answers to any questions you may have, contact the team at Air Sniper today.