Using Air Sniper’s Products in Food Processing Facilities

Using Air Sniper’s Products in Food Processing Facilities - Air Sniper - Industrial Air Purifier - Featured Image

In commercial and industrial food processing facilities, many of the same high standards apply. When working with food it is important to avoid cross-contamination, separate out dangerous ingredients like raw meat and ensure minimal contact between workers and products. Still, these are just generally accepted practices within the food preparation and packing industries.


There are also more stringent protocols to consider. In restaurants, for example, keeping track of food products that must be kept in specific environmental conditions, such as bananas, frozen foods and more. Expiration dates must be adhered to and observed in both fresh and packaged food environments. When it comes to fine dining, minute changes in temperature or humidity may spell disaster for the meal.


Indeed, the observation of safe handling, storage and use procedures occurs throughout the food preparation process. What is interesting to note, however, is the surprising lack of supplemental air sanitization solutions in this environment.


Sure, commercial and industrial buildings will always come with air circulation and HVAC systems. In many large-scale facilities, additional measures are put in place to meet regulatory standards. But, is it enough? In answering this question, it is important to consider the type of air quality protection available.


Most air filtration systems use HEPA-certified random-fibre matting filters. These products are designed to trap and hold harmful bacteria, but not to destroy or remove them from the air. While they are effective in some applications, the introduction of new companies like Air Sniper has many business owners questioning their validity.


Air Sniper products use UVC supplemental air sanitization to perform the critical task of air filtration. This technology destroys microorganisms on a subcellular level, disrupting their RNA and permanently deactivating them. As a result, the likelihood of harmful bacteria or germs getting into any facility is greatly reduced.


So how can Air Sniper’s products help food processing facilities? For large operations, like industrial bakeries and packaging plants, Air Sniper provides inline units in a variety of sizes. These can be fitted directly to the existing HVAC or air circulation system and provide immediate pathogen destruction.


Although supplemental air sanitization solutions also exist for small food-related businesses, such as restaurants, grocery stores and more. Here, compact solutions that provide big bonuses are the main focus. Air Sniper has standalone units that meet or exceed these demands. They are the perfect companion to kitchens, bars and dining areas.


We’ve established the necessity of food processing facilities to maintain their health, safety and cleaning standards up-to-date. We’ve shown how traditional air cleaning may be insufficient and provided evidence of the virtues of supplementary air sanitization using UVC technology. Furthermore, you now know what units will likely suit your needs. All that’s left to do now is contact Air Sniper and order the perfect supplemental air sanitization product for your needs.