Air Sanitization Improves Work Efficiency, Year-Round

Over the years, there has been an increasing interest in ergonomics and employee comfort. This push can be seen throughout almost all industries, as office workers adopt standing desks, assembly line workers have padded standing areas and industrial companies embrace safety culture and administrative controls.


These efforts are fantastic for workers, but what is surprising about this transition is how beneficial these changes are for the companies themselves. Indeed, comfortable workers are more productive, interested in working longer or more diligently and have a better work-life balance. Still, there is one area many businesses have overlooked when it comes to better comfort and productivity, namely their air quality.


That’s right, there is mounting evidence that suggests cleaner air quality can actually lead to the same increases in productivity as ergonomic workstations and consistent break schedules. But how is this possible? Below, we look at some of the ways proper air sanitization can help with efficiency.


Less Lost Time

Perhaps one of the most compelling reasons for improving commercial or industrial air sanitization equipment is the positive effects that it has on lost time occurrences. When people work in a facility that has clean air, they are less likely to get exposed to harmful bacteria or microorganisms. As a result, they are sick less and miss less time feeling unwell.


How Necessary is Air Sanitization?

Although there are several clear benefits to improving the air sanitization equipment in commercial or industrial facilities, there might even be a necessity for these changes. Indeed, according to the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), there may be up to 11 percent more airborne contamination and pollutants in indoor air as compared to outdoor air. Ensuring proper measures can reduce this number and deliver better results for employees and employers alike.


While this is one of the more compelling reasons to ensure there are proper solutions in commercial facilities, there are other reasons as well. For example, more consistent air temperature. For people who work in shared office spaces, there is probably already an awareness about the disputes and disruptions air temperature brings to the setting. With proper air sanitization equipment, however, these issues become a thing of the past.


With all of the above benefits and advantages, finding air sanitization equipment that can provide these may sound appealing. For UVC air sanitization that will help improve employee efficiency, contact Air Sniper. We provide efficient units that deliver amazing results in the fight against harmful microorganisms and bacteria.