Accounting for Air Sanitization Units in New Builds

Accounting for Air Sanitization Units in New Builds - Air Sniper - Industrial Air Purifiers - Featured Image

Designing, engineering and building new commercial or industrial facilities is a lengthy process. Several professionals must weigh in on the design to ensure their professional standards are met and upheld. Additionally, the company commissioning the work must ensure that the facility will meet the needs of their business and that the work flows on an established schedule.


Plus, every part of the new building must meet stringent requirements. With improper electrical design, shorts and faults may occur with use. If a plumbing stack is improperly placed or designed, it can lead to lifelong issues for facility upgrades. But, perhaps one of the most critical areas is the HVAC and air circulation system.


In optimal conditions, this system performs several functions. It maintains a consistent temperature throughout the facility. Further, it cycles the interior with exterior air to keep it fresh and clean. As well, HVAC systems are a necessity for purifying and maintaining consistent air quality.


Therefore, it is essential to consider them when embarking on a new design or project build. But, conventional wisdom suggests that the standard routine can still be followed: HVAC systems haven’t needed to change in recent years, so why should things be different now?


In short, COVID-19 is changing the requirements for commercial and industrial businesses. Now it is not enough to simply change the air and run it through a conventional random-fibre matting filtration system. Instead, it is necessary to add another step to the purifying and air changing process, which is air sanitization equipment.


This equipment delivers fast-acting and effective air purification capabilities for buildings both large and small. Using UVC light to clean the air is a necessary defence in the ongoing fight to protect employees, visitors and clients for all businesses. Accounting for it during the initial planning phase is becoming more important every day.


However, for businesses with established facilities, there are also air sanitization solutions available. Simply installing these systems into new buildings is not enough; there must also be a way to outfit existing buildings and their air movement systems. Luckily, Air Sniper has units that deliver a fantastic solution.


In-line units are capable of fitting into existing systems with ease and feature many of the same benefits as stand-alone units. So, whether it is protecting future workers and visitors, or simply ensuring the highest standards for your current employees, trust the experts at Air Sniper to continually deliver high-quality air sanitization solutions.

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