Common Applications for Air Purification Equipment

Common Applications for Air Purification Equipment - Air Sniper - Air Purifiers - Featured Image

As the air around us becomes more suspect with the rise of COVID-19 and previous pandemic viruses, air purification equipment is becoming a more popular choice for businesses, municipalities and individuals around the world. Along with this heightened awareness of the dangers present in the air is the realization that conventional options may not be as effective as we previously thought.


But where are the most common places for this equipment? Below, we look at the top five candidates for air sanitization equipment.



Hospitals benefit from efficient and effective air movement in several ways. Of course, sanitizing the air and ensuring there are no stale pockets is the first duty of a building with such a high concentration of potentially dangerous airborne contaminants. Although, it is also essential for our medical centers to move air quickly in every room, which may present unique challenges and require large-scale solutions.


Manufacturing Facilities

Manufacturing facilities that use industrial processes like welding, grinding and others will inevitably need to invest in air sanitizing equipment. Here, the responsibility lies with the business to protect their worker’s health. Some may think that Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is the right approach, but this can become expensive with large operations, and frequent replacements can make the cost untenable.



Gyms both small and large benefit from air purification equipment as they see a large turnover in clients throughout the day. If people are working out without masks, contaminants need to be destroyed as they are introduced to the space. As a result, the business’s air sanitization solutions must work quickly to cycle the air and destroy any harmful pathogens that may be present.


Commercial Offices

In commercial office settings, many people come to the building and stay in the same area for several hours throughout the workday. Therefore, discreet yet powerful solutions are necessary. Commercial offices often require inline or hybrid  solutions due to the number of employees and open spaces.



Our final location is schools. Public schools for youth, as well as colleges and universities require air sanitizing solutions for multiple buildings on their campuses, in their classrooms, and around the large, communal areas. This means that several different solutions might be necessary to achieve the desired results in their libraries, gymnasiums, hallways and office spaces.


As you can see, the common areas for air purification equipment can vary. Small and large spaces that require protection from airborne contaminants, all benefit from air sanitizing equipment. Air Sniper offers in-line and stand-alone equipment that is suitable for the various applications presented above as well as many more locations.

Can you think of any other buildings or establishments where air purification solutions might be beneficial? Let us know on our social media platforms or contact us for more information about the requirements of your business today!