Alpine Innovative Research Ltd. and TECHA JSC Announce Strategic Partnership

We are pleased to announce Alpine Innovative Research Ltd. is partnering with Vietnam based company, TECHA JSC to support our efforts and optimize our customer base. Alpine Innovative Research strives daily to improve both the quality and variety of our products and services that we provide. Our alliance with TECHA JSC as a Master Distributor is another example of our commitment to improve the quality performance and availability of the Air Sniper sterilization product line.

We are extremely excited about this partnership and the opportunity and, with Techca’s cooperation in this business arrangement, validates the quality and need for the entire Air Sniper product line in Asia. Entering into the partnership with Techca (with first order exceeding 400 units of Air Sniper Tower, Air Sniper Pro, Air Sniper Elite) will give AIR access and exposure to the entire Asian marketplace.