36W Replacement Bulb

UVC light is the standard for air purification around the world, and Air Sniper’s units are no different. Our products utilize UVC light (sometimes in conjunction with our other proprietary technologies) to remove germs, viruses, bacteria, mold spores, and allergens from your home or office air. To determine how many bulbs that you require simply find your product from the list below.

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  • 36 Watt UVC Light
  • 18 Month Life (approx. 547 days at 24hr/day)
  • For use in Air Sniper Tower, Elite, Ultra, and Inflow 20/20 products


Air Sniper Tower 2x Bulbs Needed
Air Sniper Elite 6x Bulbs Needed
Air Sniper Ultra 12x Bulbs Needed
Air Sniper Inflow 20/20 30x Bulbs Needed

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