airmid Final Laboratory Report: Mold

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Test Requested Aspergillus Niger removal
Sample Description Air Sniper Pro air cleaners
Number of Samples 3
Date of Receipt 18 August 2016
ASC Code ASC003339
Report Number ASCR092180
Report Date 25 October 2016

1. Purpose

The purpose of this study was to evaluate the forced decay of formaldehyde by the Air Sniper Pro Air Cleaner in a 30 m3 environmental test chamber in comparison to natural decay of formaldehyde in the absence of the air cleaner.

As previously reported in Interim Report ASCR092177, the purpose of the study was also to determine the performance of the Air Sniper air cleaner at removing airborne Aspergillus niger mold spores from within a sealed indoor space. The results reported in Interim Report ASCR092177 (removal of airborne Aspergillus niger mold spores and by the Air Sniper Pro Air Cleaner) are also presented here to complete this final report.

2. Background

Following discussions between Alpine Innovative Research (AIR) and airmid healthgroup it was agreed that testing would be performed on the Air Sniper Pro air cleaner to study the effect of the air cleaner on a number of airborne contaminants. The selected contaminants were Aspergillus niger mold spores. Testing was performed in airmid healthgroup’s environmental test chambers.

3. Abbreviations used in this report

A/C: air cleaner
CFU/m3: colony forming units per cubic meter (in this report, the level of airborne mold)
CFU: colony forming units
HCHO: formaldehyde
Inf A: Influenza A
N/a: Not applicable
PDA: potato dextrose agar
ppm: parts per million
RD: room disturbance

4. Test Item Description