Air Sniper Hybrid 16/36

Rather than filter air, the Air Sniper Hybrid 16/36 unit was designed and developed to provide continuous supplemental protection. By bringing the power of our in-line equipment with the functionality of a stand-alone unit, we’ve maximized the UVGI output while creating scientifically measured dwell time and molecule contact. This equipment is also Wi-Fi enabled for remote monitoring and control.

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3 Year Limited Warranty

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  • Ceiling-Mounted
  • 50x Ultra High-Intensity 36-Watt UVC lamps (1,800 watts total)
  • 5x Ultra High Reflective Tunnels (93% UVC reflective factor)
  • Wi-Fi Enabled for remote monitoring and control
  • Produces No Ozone
  • Lamp change recommended after approx. 13,000 hours of on-time (approx. 3 years)


Power Requirements 220V, 50/60HZ
Energy Consumption 16 Amps @220V
Weight 200 lbs (90 kg)
Housing Material Aluminum
Dimensions 74.8″ (L) x 59″ (H) x 28.9″ (D)
Electrical Safety Certification ETL Certification
CFM 5,000 CFM