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Air Sniper Tower

The Air Sniper Tower is the original unit designed to offer near clinical-level cleaning of the air in your home or office. By combining our Photocatalytic Elements with UVC (ultraviolet) light, we’ve created a desktop unit that destroys all germs, viruses, molds, and allergens, that are in the air that flows through it. Those people with asthma or allergies will notice an improvement in their symptoms when using the Air Sniper Tower in their own homes. It is also a perfect solution for those people that simply want cleaner air indoors to help reduce the spread of airborne illness.

airmid healthgroup completed third party testing on the Air Sniper technology. You can see the results of their tests by clicking here.

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30 Day Money Back Guarantee

3 Year Limited Warranty

  • Plug and Play (for easy installation)
  • Cleanable Pre-Filter
  • Patented Photocatalytic Elements
  • One UVGI Chamber
  • 2x Ultra High Intensity 36-watt UVC lamps (72 watts total)
  • Sleep Mode
  • Motion Sensor
  • Adjustable Fan Speed (50 – 90 cfm)
  • Auto Filter Detection
  • Auto Lamp Detection
  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Suggested Coverage 900 Cubic feet with recommended air turnover every 10 minutes
  • Produces 0% Ozone
  • Bluetooth App Controlled
  • Destroys 99.9% of pathogens
Power Requirements
110-220V, 60/50 HZ
Energy consumption, Fan Speed High / Low*
1.1 Amps @ 110 V
Weight, system incl. filters
23lbs (10.4kg)
Fan motor
External rotor motor with forward curved centrifugal fan, with thermal protector
Control panel
5 Key touch-pad with indicator lights and programmable features
Housing material
Stainless steel
14.7inches / 37.5cm (width) x 23.5 inches / 59.7cm (height) x 14.7inches / 37.5cm (depth)
Electrical safety certification
CSA rated for continuous operation under applicable UL and CSA standards
*Air Sniper fan speed disclaimer: volume levels increase at higher fan speeds
Combination of UVGI and photocatalytic oxidation
Performance Efficiency
99.9% deactivation/destruction for bacteria and viruses. Conversion of VOCs to (CO2) and (H20) with every pass through PCO Elements
Air Treatment
3 stages – 4 merv 10 pre-filters, 4 PCO Elements and 1 UVGI Chamber
Patented Titanium PCO Elements
250 square feet of effective area
Air Intake
288 square inches
Air Outlet, Fan speed Low / High
70 cfm (cubic feet per minute) / 90 cfm
Bulb Life
18 months
(CO2) and (H2O); generates 0% Ozone (O3)

My customers were complaining about the strong fumes that come from our nail care products and airborne filing dust in my nail salon… that’s when I discovered the Air Sniper and now we are odour free and our clients are no longer exposed to the harsh chemical smells, which leads to a more enjoyable customer experience.

My staff couldn’t be happier knowing that there in a healthier work environment and no longer feeling nauseous from the poor air quality. Now they are much happier about coming to work… thanks AIR SNIPER!

-Kim Phan (Nail Salon Owner)

We have noticed there is a lot less dust in the air and settling in the house, particularly in our bedroom. We find that we are sleeping better with much less disturbance due to asthma symptoms and it is more restful. The humidity level in the house has improved and we are seeing benefits such as, seeing some improvement in the state of my skin, which tends to be extremely dry this time of year, since we received the units.

-Shawna Pitman

I am so very impressed with the benefits of having the units in the house. We have seen marked improvements in air quality and a positive impact that has on our general health and how we feel. The improvements are tangible.

-Layne Pitman
Each Air Sniper unit comes with a no questions asked return policy. If you do not love your Air Sniper contact [email protected] to arrange a full refund and return shipment within 30 calendar days of receipt of the product.

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