Air Sniper Induct (36W)

The Air Sniper Induct Unit is a good choice for people who do not have severe reactions to allergens or asthma-inducers in the air. This product, when installed into your furnace duct, continually cleans the air that moves past it. Over time, the Air Sniper Induct Unit will slowly reduce the amount of allergens, germs, and viruses in your home’s air. This unit uses two 18 Watt UVC bulbs and is ideal for most homes.

Each Induct Unit also includes a Replacement Light Indicator (with reset capability). AIR’s custom engineered electronic monitoring system will alert you of when to reorder and replace your custom AIR UVC bulbs.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

3 Year Limited Warranty

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  • Electronically Controlled
  • UVC Irradiation
  • Two 18 Watt UVC Bulbs
  • Produces 0% Ozone
  • Replacement Light Indicator with Reset Capability
Power Requirements
100-120V, 50/60 HZ
3.69 LBS
*Air Sniper fan speed disclaimer: volume levels increase at higher fan speeds
Power Requirements
Each Air Sniper unit comes with a no questions asked return policy. If you do not love your Air Sniper contact [email protected] to arrange a full refund and return shipment within 30 calendar days of receipt of the product.