Frequently Asked Questions

Air Sniper bulbs require a replacement every 18 months assuming the equipment is running 24/7. If the equipment is not running 24/7 the bulbs will last longer than 18 months. At 18 months the dashboard system will send an alert to the users’ phone or email. We recommend changing the bulbs every 18 months to maintain 100% effectiveness when using the equipment in a facility.
Air Sniper equipment DOES NOT EMIT OZONE. Ozone can have a negative impact on both people and plants.
Air Sniper equipment has been designed with multiple bulbs to ensure ALL Pathogens encounter the UV light multiple times. One bulb is not enough to effectively kill all the contaminates in the air. The use of multiple bulbs ensures pathogens exit the unit inert.
UV technology when combined with Photocatalytic Elements is the most effective in the deactivation and destruction of Pathogens and VOCS.
No. Air Sniper equipment is a plug & play system. Once the unit is mounted to the wall or in the HVAC system all that is required is an electrical outlet.
Air Sniper is focused on creating a solution that meets the needs of the customer. We create the ultimate solution that is easy to operate and effective without the use of expensive replacement filters. We work closely with your mechanical and engineering team to ensure all air sanitization requirements are met.
The lead times are between 4-6 weeks. Custom work may take longer depending on the design.
No. Air Sniper pre-filters and elements do not need to be replaced. Simply vacuum or use compressed air to remove any particulates from them.
The number of units required is based on the cubic feet of air inside the space. The use of cubic feet ensures that the air inside the space is cleaned in under 10 minutes.
The equipment will re-circulate the air within the room (based on cfm and the cubic feet of the space) to ensure the room remains pathogen free.
Yes. We work closely with the facility HVAC and mechanical and engineering teams to develop a solution that works for the budget and facility design.
Air Sniper is designed for simple installation. Brackets are provided for all wall-mounted units. Simply clip the unit into the bracket, plug in and enjoy a pathogen free room! All In-line units fit right into the HVAC system and do not require additional electrical work.