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Effective supplemental air sanitization requires a multi-unit approach. This dashboard functionality shows you how many devices exist throughout your fleet, so that you can better stay on top of your entire network of Air Sniper equipment.


Keep track of the efficacy of your Air Sniper equipment. From your dashboard, you can see how much air has circulated through your Air Sniper fleet for a given timeframe. CFM is a necessary aspect of supplementary air sanitization.



The UVC technology is crucial to the air sanitization process. To ensure that your equipment continues to run as intended, this section of the dashboard includes a functionality to show you when the bulbs need to be ordered and replaced. Not available for 300W products.


Receive alerts for bulb replacement for equipment maintenance directly to your dashboard. Know exactly when your Air Sniper equipment needs to be looked at, and what needs to be fixed in your Air Sniper.

The Best Way to Manage Multiple Units

Watch your entire Air Sniper fleet from one convenient dashboard.

In order to help you maintain control of your fleet, you will have access to an exclusive digital dashboard that allows you to remotely monitor all of your equipment. From your dashboard, you will receive notifications for maintenance and bulb replacement, turn your equipment on or off, adjust fan speed and monitor CFM.

Air Sniper equipment also includes a touchscreen, for manual monitoring and maintenance. Both the dashboard and the touchscreen are WiFi enabled, keeping you connected to your equipment so you can watch the supplementary air sanitization in action!

Monitor your Air Sniper Right from Your Phone or Desktop

This section of your dashboard will allow you to adjust the fan speed.

If you are wanting to check the health of your filter, this bar will track the status.

Similar to Filter Status, this bar will also measure the life of the bulbs in your unit so you can plan for when to order more bulbs.

This functionality on your dashboard is very handy to record your maintenance logs so you can look back and see when different maintenance has been completed on your unit.

Check out our maintenance videos linked in the form for more information on how to maintain your unit. 

An easy to find order form is available on your dashboard at the top. 

This function is available with all of our stand-alone units. Here you will be able to set times that you would like the unit to turn on and off. 

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