First to be Third-Party Tested & Proven to Kill 99.9% of COVID-19!

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Irradiates COVID-19

We’re proud to be one of, if not the first company to be third-party tested and proven to kill 99.9% of COVID-19! While sanitization measures include a strategy against viral transmission by touch, most establishments have been unable to counter transmission by air. The Air Sniper is our solution for air purification in commercial and industrial spaces.

At Air Sniper, we want to back up our claims about the efficacy of our line of air sanitization products, especially during a time where the well-being of businesses and workers are dependent on controlling and minimizing the impact of the coronavirus pandemic. Air purification needs to be more than simply catching and filtering pathogens in the air; it needs to kill them.

For testing against MS2, the accepted COVID-19 stand-in virus, airmid healthgroup custom-built a testing chamber complying with the American Society for Testing and Materials. To learn more about the testing parameters and results, we invite you to fill in the form above or call to speak with one of our specialists today.

Our Technology

Air Sniper is designed and manufactured to meet scientific standards for UVC technology, rather than relying on traditional filtration methods. In order to maximize the effectiveness of our equipment, Air Sniper is built to consider four crucial elements of UVC technology: Intensity, Proximity, Dwell Time, and CFM.

Long proven for germicidal use, UVC technology is one of the most effective means for air sanitization, when applied correctly. We’ve taken it a step further in the construction of the Air Sniper to ensure that it is verified and built for industrial use.

Our Solutions

Stand Alone Units

Meant to be wall-mounted on areas throughout the facility, the stand-alone equipment is great for protecting various specific rooms or spaces in your business from airborne contaminants.

In-Line Units

Installed directly throughout your facility’s HVAC system, the in-line equipment is scaled custom to fit your building and provide a wider range of protection against COVID-19.


What Sets
Air Sniper Apart

Traditional air purifiers have been on the market for quite a while, but they only trap harmful particles, and they slowly lose their effectiveness as they saturate and eventually clog. To find a solution, we dedicated ourselves to build something better. Now, after years of research and multiple prototypes, we’re proud to finally introduce you to the Air Sniper.


Effectively killing airborne pathogens requires high volumes of UV intensity. In Air Sniper units, this intensity comes from multiple UVC bulbs that create a wall of UVC to effectively irradiate contaminants.


Intensity drops by 75% every time distance doubles from the UV light source. To ensure effective levels of irradiation, Air Sniper equipment ensures pathogens are always within close proximity to the UVC bulbs as they pass through the unit into the facility.

Dwell Time

Dwell time is the time a contaminant spends within the proper UVC intensity level. Air Sniper equipment is designed to provide the dwell time required throughout the equipment to kill pathogens.


CFM and Dwell time are directly related to maintaining effectiveness. Increased CFM allows the units to have the industrial capacity. This is balanced with proximity and dwell time to ensure contact with the UVC bulbs.

Our Equipment

Our Products are Verified to Sanitize by an Independent Laboratory

Guaranteed to Kill Airborne Pathogens

100% Ozone Free

CSA & UL Approved

100% Made In North America

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