How Air Sniper Reduces 99.9% of Harmful Airborne Contaminants

Air Sniper Reduces Harmful Airborne Contaminants

When it comes to air sterilization, you won’t find a better product than Air Sniper. Using UV supplemental sanitizing technology allows them to destroy the RNA of microorganisms and dangerous bacteria. This effect is so powerful that test results show a 99.9% reduction (lab reports available on the test results page) in the concentration of particles tested for. But, how exactly do these tests work, and are the effects really as incredible as they seem? Today, the answers to these questions and more are revealed!

The Process of Testing Air Sniper Equipment

Testing conducted by airmid healthgroup was done to study the effects of the air cleaner on different contaminants. The process that they followed to determine the effectiveness of the equipment in removing Influenza A from the air is described below.

Using a sealed and approved test chamber of 30 m3, the researchers performed the test over a period of 90 minutes. The first 30 minutes of the test were spent dispersing aerosolized Influenza A into the test chamber, and sampling its subsequent concentration. Next, the Air Sniper Pro unit was activated. Three more samples were taken in the next hour using 3 SKC BioSamplers.

Other testing was also performed to establish a control point for the experiment. This helps demonstrate what the results would have been if the Air Sniper Pro unit had not been present. Additionally, it is worth noting that the samples were immediately placed on ice for preservation purposes until they could be analyzed.

Interpreting the Test Results

As you already may suspect, over the course of 50-60 minutes, the tests conducted with the Air Sniper Pro unit present showed minimal traces of Influenza A particles in the air. What you may not suspect is the massive decrease in the first ten minutes of operation. Indeed, here we see that, for instance, the second test showed a concentration of 1,734.45 ng/m3 before the unit was turned on. In the second test, taken between 10-20 minutes of run time, that number was reduced to just 390.24 ng/m3.

Find the Right Air Sniper for You Now

Seeing such impressive results through the lenses of the scientific method may be enough to convince you of the need for powerful supplementary air sanitization results. If so, consider contacting Air Sniper for a detailed quote and a quality product. Or, find the full test, method and results on their website.