Dwell Time Necessary to Eliminate Airborne Contaminants

Dwell Time Necessary to Eliminate Airborne Contaminants

One of the best measures of effectiveness for UVC air sanitization units is dwell time. Although it is acceptable to make this statement, many people will rightfully ask questions like:

  • What is dwell time?
  • Why is it necessary for air sanitization?
  • How do you improve dwell time?


If any of these questions came into your mind after the above statement, you are in luck! We have the answers to all the questions right down below!


What is dwell time?

Dwell time defines how long a contaminant spends within the air purification equipment. The more air circulates in the hazardous space the equipment creates, the greater its exposure to powerful UVC rays and, as a result, the greater its likelihood of cell death and inertness.


Why is it necessary for air sanitization?

Dwell time is necessary because, without it, you cannot guarantee the effectiveness of an air sanitization system. Perhaps this is a slight exaggeration, as CFM, intensity and proximity also play important roles in achieving a holistic defence. However, the exaggeration is only slight, as intensity and proximity will not be effective without the proper amount of air circulation to expose harmful microorganisms and pathogens.


How do you improve dwell time?

Improving dwell time comes down to the design of the equipment. The purpose is to circulate the air as much as possible within the disruptions/chambers to create more dwell time.


We do use a pre-filter to capture large particulate matter at our air intake. Additionally, the interior of our stand-alone units also use PCO elements composed of stainless steel that react with UVC light and increase the likelihood of destroying VOCS.


There you have it; the answers to all your dwell time questions. At Air Sniper, we pride ourselves on designing and implementing technology that substantially increases dwell time to achieve 99.9% pathogen eradication. Call us today for information about our products and to learn what else we do to deliver the best in UVC air sanitization.